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February 15, 2006



Hello Kris,

Sounds like you have a an energetic lil' one! I work with The Walt Disney Internet Group and back in Jan. we launched a new online learning game for preschoolers called Playhouse Disney Preschool Time Online. It is a great compliment to the classroom and is fun for parents and children alike! Anyway to make a long story short I would love to send you a log in ID so you can check out the game with John. Hopefully it won't leave him crying!!!


I was thinking of you and your experience today as I visited yet another preschool for my soon to be three-year-old.

This one felt right because it was bright and sunny and smelled good. It was filled with clean toys and kid art and lots of art supplies. There were three nice teachers and the director expected me to spend time there, not just talk to her and leave. She also spent a lot of time talking to the kids instead of me, which I took as a good sign. I left there wishing I could go to preschool.

Good luck with your search and choice!


Way to go Kris! Isnt it funny that preschoolers sometimes back better decisions than parents?! Reading your blog the last few weeks through John's situation has made me even more appreciative of my day care provider--she is fantastic. You are a great mom!

Tanya B.

I agree with all of you. Picking a preschool can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make. Bravo to you for going with your instincts on this one!

andrea from the fishbowl

Heya -
I've been following the details of this on your blog... good for you for making the switch. The place he was at didn't sound very nice at all. Preschoolers need to learn more than just sitting and being quiet. Ha. There's time for that later. :)


Good choice letting John choose(ha!), or at least give input on the preschool he feels most comfortable in. I'm finding with my 27 month old, if I give her choices, and sometimes the illusion of choice things go much smoother.

I'm in the midsts of finding a preschool for my daughter Maricella for fall 2006. So far I've been able to bring her on the tours and let her play in the classrooms and play in the play yards. Out of the five we've seen so fay only one wouldn't work out. We have two more tours scheduled and if they're great as well we'll apply to all six. Here in LA most preschools already have waiting lists for fall 2006.


I also think it's a good idea to visit several centers or homes before choosing one and watch how the staff teaches the children and watch how the children are cared for. I hope more and more
parents take the time to do the


That must have been a tough decision. Both to move him and to get yet another because the one you moved him to wasn't working. I think picking a pre-school and elementary school is harder than picking a college!

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