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February 19, 2006



I've read a lot of your writing but nothing has spoken to me quite like this post because I so strongly agree with you - I am lucky enough to have a husband who says similar things and makes me responsible for myself when I want to be absolved. I know it took tremendous courage to get to where you are today, so congrats and great job!

Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Okay -- I'm wiping away tears here. What a beautiful post, Mindy. Thank you for your honesty and your courage. Showing how vulnerable we all can be makes us stronger for the truth of it.

Warmest regards,


I did the exact same thing alittle over a year ago. Now I have a wonderful Husband-to-Be, a step son and a baby. After I left my "old life" things happened pretty quickly, but it works for us. We are happy with our life just the way it is.

The Beast Mom

whew! that's a lot in the space of a few years. I'm glad you made it through. thanks for sharing your story.

amy h.

Wow! Powerful post. Thanks.

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