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February 09, 2006



I think it's wonderful to share love. My husband is not as liberal with the ILYs, and I can see that his parents didn't say it as much as my parents did during our childhoods. I tell my son ILY daily. I ache from my hair to my toes with love for him. Most importantly, I think, is that he feels love, safety and security from both of his parents.

Robin P

I've read articles that say this behavior can give kids a false sense of reality. Also,praising them too much leaves them unprepared for the "real" world.
For me,the "real" world is our family. My theory has always been,you can't love a child too much.

Lillianna is 8 and she is always coming up to me with a big hug and an "I love you Mommy!" Too many I love yous???? NEVER!

As for saying I love you when kids are older....when I was in High School,my dad or grandfather drove me to school when the weather was bad. I always gave them a kiss and an I love you before I got out of the car. I was never embarrassed! I loved them!!!!


Leslie---There are never enough "I love you"s to go around! Tell that little boy you love him as much as you want! My favorite moments in my house are when my 2 yr old daughter says "I wuv you" so I will continue to tell her how much I love her constantly so that she can feel the same way. ((BTW--I also live in NoVA!!!)


Only that when little James grows up, it's going to be pretty difficult for him to find a women who measures up to mommy. Freud.


If you've ever lost someone you will never think to yourself "I wish I hadn't said 'I love you' so much." You will wish just the opposite.

Cityslicker mom

That's totally crazy! I mean, I could see your ex-boyfriends perspective, I guess theoretically that makes sense. But in the real world you should "overuse" the phrase,it doesn't diminish the meaning in any way.


you are absolutely right- there can never be too many i love yous.
would you say that there's too much love? you'll find of other ways to "say" it as he grows too. enjoy the ride!

Mega Mom

I'm on your side too! It is constant in our home. Wait until your little guy saunters up to you one day unenticed and says "I love you Mommy". Nothing beats it!

As for the 8 year olds...my Dad is a grandfather to 16 (ages 2-18). ALL of the kids give him a hug and a kiss when they see him b/c he threatens to chase them around and smother them if they don't approach him first! Embarrassing? Yes, but it is still working!


I'm with you -- I don't think you can ever say it enough! And I am also addicted to the smell of my 17 month old's hair, as well as squooshing the poor thing often and telling her that I love her very much.


Your post reminds me of my childhood. My parents were the same way, very generous with the "I love yous". I think it is okay to say it a million times! I never doubted their affection, even though in my teen years my response was often "yeah, right," accompanied by rolling my eyes. :)


oh God no! I tell my litle tyke I love him CONSTANTLY. And you are right, take it while you can (hugs, kisses, snuggles, I wuv yuuus, whatever--I hear when they turn 8 they'll hate it all. And that is when my heart will break just a little.

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