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February 07, 2006


Robin P

How cute. Lillianna is the same way. She always wants to help.

Last week,for my birthday,I had to slice 2 containers of strawberries for my cake. I asked Lillianna if she wanted to do it. Since she is 8 now,I let her use a real butter knife. In the past,I gave her a plastic knife.She was absolutely thrilled that she could cut the berries by herself. Slicing oranges with a sharp knife is a different story!!
Isn't it hard to have patience sometimes? There are days that I just amaze myself!!

The Beast Mom

a nice little window into morning at your house...I relate.
-Beast Mom


Very cute post. The incessant question-asking struck a chord with me. My 3-year-old son is exactly the same way!

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