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March 27, 2006


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She has been known to strip herself naked in 10.9 seconds in the middle of the Home Depot aisle. It's as though undressing is a skill that must only be practiced in public.


My children are semi-picky. My two year old will pitch a fit if I try to put something on her that she doesn't want to wear, but she will usually accept one of a few options. My son has preferences but will go with the flow to a degree. One thing, however, he also loves his summer shirts (probably because there are so many t-shirts with pictures on them). So I have no problem with letting him wear a long sleeved shirt or turtleneck with a short sleeved shirt over it. That makes him SOOOO happy and is no problem for me!

I do try to accomodate them within reason. There is so little they have control over so if my two year old wants to wear her velour Old Navy "circle pants" as she calls them three times a week I let her. I do grit my teeth thinking about the money that went into the pretty dresses she detests but forcing her to wear them won't get that money back!


My daughter is 3 3/4. I would say the pickiness really started to be an issue as she approached 3. It sucks. She has bales of clothing she's never even tried on because they somehow don't suit her taste, and several completely grungy things she refuses to give up (until I finally decide it's worth the loud prolonged mourning she'll go through and get rid of them behind her back). I have tried offering a limited array of choices but it doesn't really work here. My tips-- definitely try to put the out of season stuff away so you're not fighting about wearing shorts in January. Try to accommodate the color and style preferences as much as you can-- really does it matter if he only wants to wear black? And finally, don't spend any more than you have to on clothes; ask for hand me downs, hit the consignment and thrift shops, sale racks, etc. I am so glad I don't have much invested in the Kid's Gorgeous But Unworn Collection.

andrea from the fishbowl

I agree with all the suggestions here so far... it definitely helps to have the kids included in the decision-making... it also helps to pare down what's in the closet.
If you don't want him wearing summer stuff in the winter, take it out and put it somewhere else. Same goes for ratty clothes.

Out of sight out of mind, right? :)


my son would wear a dress if that's what i put out for him!

but my daughter is another story. i wait until she goes to sleep at night, then i go into her room and pick out 2 outfits, which i place on her "rocky-rocky" (her rocking chair)....when she wakes up in the morning, she can pick one of the outfits, and if she gets herself dressed we make a HUGE deal out of it.....it works for us...


Thanks God my daughter loves pretty new clothes, but will pretty much wear whatever I choose. My son however is a different matter. he loves his Thomas The Tank Engine and Bob The Builder T shirts which are now washed out and way too small for him. But I would do anything for an easy life!


Oh - I can relate! My son is now in grade 2 and 4 years ago I bought one of those sweater shelves (the kind that hang in the closet) and in each cubby I put a complete outfit - pants, shirt, socks, underwear. Then when he gets up in the morning he can pick which outfit to wear. It has worked like magic for us - completly eliminated problem.
I'll soon have to get my daughter started on the program ;)
I'd love to hear what you decide to do - hope lots of other commenters have some ideas too!



My 3 1/2-year-old daughter is extremely picky about clothes. She has been for several months. She likes to lay out several choices and then deliberate interminably. But maybe you could try this--you pick a few choices and then let your son decide from there. My daughter has a favorite shirt. She would wear it everyday if she could. It's tough to keep it clean! (She doesn't mind wearing it dirty, of course, but I have to draw the line somewhere.)

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