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March 20, 2006


Christine Louise Hohlbaum

I couldn't pick a favorite. They all hit home. Hats off, Meredith!


I love thirtysomething. I still miss it on Tuesday night television.

Walter Valkema

The 'Talk' isn't necessary, why should we fill young minds with details that they don't need, wouldn't it be great if kids got married and discovered 'sex' by themselves, I know, I know, their going to figure some things out before they're married, but why now just present,... let say a picture of a flower, with a mommy part and a daddy part and when the mommy part touches the daddy part the flower then makes a seed,... this presentation is inocent, it doesn't make anyone uncomfortable and it is something that you can share at anytime, at any age.

The need for 'The Talk' is a modern day myth, kids are intellegent, and should remain as inocent as we can make them.

Also, why are parents so afraid to be parents, when will parents 'grow up' and become men and women.

I'm sorry, I didn't read the whole blog, or all the responses, I just skimmed it and came to some conclusions that I couldn't hold back.


4. This comment really hits home. Although my dogs are still young, even in dog years, I dread the day they are gone for my child. They feel like my children too and they are so close to her. It sounds crazy because they are animals, but they are a huge part of our family (children are not the only ones we schedule our lives around). My husband and I say that we want a break from pets to travel after they are gone, but I can foresee us getting another pet for my daughter.


#10 - And why don't the men around Sydney remind her, "Um, do you think it's such a good idea to parachute into a mercenary/drug dealer/weapons smuggler's backyard and sneak around to break into his safe or wire explosives under his porch while dealing with an expanding waistline/new life growing inside you/mood swings/morning sickness?" Whatever happened to the men in your life thinking the moment you find out you're pregnant you can't lift a piece of paper off the floor? These men, especially her father, should be, like, overprotective, I would think!


I'm with you on #15--surely it will soon, right? I need my fix.


4. You can't. After losing my father almost a year ago it still hurts all of us. My youngest sister was only 12. Even myself, at ten years older than her, didn't know how to deal. My son was a couple of cells so I didn't have to prepare him for losing his Grandpa. However, don't tell them that the person won't die. Or allow them to be around people who tell them that there will be a miracle and the family member will live. It makes them very bewildered and the rest of the family hurt more.
8. Don't say that. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm doomed because my son is a really good baby. You are just backing it up.
10. Pregnancy gives you powers that border almost on super-powers, duh.
12. I have a huge theory on this one, as I have been wondering the same about myself the past several months.

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