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March 05, 2006



every kid is different and all you can do is the best you can with the options you've got. i wanted to keep d2 at home for one more year, but by thanksgiving it was obvious that the two of us were not going to be good enough for each other. enter the community college lab preschool- a wonderful fit, for her.


You basically wrote my post for me.

Where we are, we only have the half-day option. I would prefer that, anyway, I think. It just works out better that way for us.


In my experience, half-day kindergarten is the way to go. Enjoy those half-days while you can, even though I understand that it would be easier if he went to full-day. In our town, we have a lottery too, but I chose to keep my daughter home while her older brother was at school. We could do so many things -- skating in the morning at the rink, arranging playdates with her friends after lunch -- that get so difficult once they are in school until 3 and you spend the rest of the time driving them and their older siblings around. And then, believe it or not, the older one turns 16, gets his license, and you wonder where the time went. Also, there is zero academic difference between the kids who go to full day and half day. It is a wash.


A bunch of kindergartner's in my town do full day, as does my great nephew and they all love it. My neice was worried because he leaves at 7 on the bus and doesn't get home until 3:30, but he does great. (I think he falls asleep on the bus home though)

A lottery for full time kindergarten really bugs me. We have a K-1 program in town, and only a handful of parents can get their kids into it. The meeting where the names are drawn has been described to me as a "bloodbath." I guess it bugs me that a public school offers something to only SOME students, not all.

Good luck! I hope it works out, for both of you.

amy h.

You nailed a lot of the angst that I'm feeling right now (I'm also hearing to wait on Kindergarten for next year). In our case, we have no choice BUT full-day, and I wish that weren't the case. My son does great playing by himself a lot, so unlike you I can get some work done with him around (just hand him a box of action figures and he's in his own world for an hour!). And I worry that the full-day WILL be too much for him and that he will learn to dislike school. But I also worry that it will be too much for me....I love my breaks, but I want that little guy around as long as I can get him. Thanks for your post!

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