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March 22, 2006



good for you!

amy h.

"I tossed a scarf around my emotions..."--what a great line! Loved your post. Can I come too?

Robin P

I will give you the same advice I gave a friend the other day.

Take good care of yourself. You don't want your husband's NEXT wife raising your kids,do you??

A healthy mom is a happy mom. RELAX! oh ya....and have fun!

Wicked Stepmom

Good for you for taking care of yourself... something so many of us Moms forget to do!


I have been there... lots of faux heart attacks which turn out to be pure anxiety. It has improved since I quit my day job, but motherhood is constant and I still have issues because of it. Take care of yourself and try to breathe. It's my number one problem: I literally catch myself holding my breath when I am stressed. And don't ever search the internet for medical symptoms!

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