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March 28, 2006



I'm with you as well. We had a 'just family' party for his 1st birthday. My mom had a lot of fun making him a cake. I'm sure we'll do the same this year. If my mom wants to make a big deal of it, I say, go for it. It is her 1st grandchild. I'm not about to though! I don't like birthday parties enough to throw one for my son that is really for ME.

I didn't dress him up for Halloween either. You should've heard my family and the horror of that!


We did a bash for our son's first birthday, but not the second (the party was really for everyone else, not him!). I figure we'll do something special on the milestone birthdays. Making memories doesn't necessarily mean going all out. I'm with you - make it special, keep it simple.


I threw quite the shindig for my son's first party and decided too that he didn't even realize it was his birthday or what exactly that meant. So, we passed on the second and had a small bbq with about 6 people mainly just to have a bbq!

Glad to hear I'm not the only 'depriving' mother! Ha!


I threw a big party for my son's first year. He had no friends his own age it was just adults that he cared about, and we all had a lot of fun. So did he. Two children later and several birthdays we still have a lot of fun hosting parties, But they are always more like get togethers than birthdays and it is our large extended family that comes. The first is old enough to demand cake and they get a few presents from the grandparents, but our best tradition is just to celebrate them and everyone gets to say at least one reason that they are thankful that the birthday person was born. We've decided that they can have a big party when they turn 13 as a coming of age barmitzvah thing, but until then family only, and a few close friends.

Robin P

Lillianna turned 8 this past October and for the past 3 years she has had a sleepover with 6 of her friends. I usually serve pizza for dinner,let them decorate 2 cupcakes (one they eat,the other they take home),let them play,watch a video and then it's time for bed. It doesn't cost a lot and Lillianna LOVES having her friends sleep over.

We try to keep it simple. It's fun this way.


I haven't given my kids birthday parties yet, and I get nervous about it already. I applaud you for holding your ground and giving your daughter the best gift--family!


I share your philosophy completely! (And when my kids turn 10, they get to choose: a party and gift or $100 cash. Guess what they choose?)


I agree too. We do just family. Although this year, his third, I had 4 little children come over for cake and a craft. 2 were neighbors, 1 his same-age cousin, and 1 a girl he befriended at his playgroup. The moms got to chat while the kids played a while and it gave me some company. I know a woman who EVERY YEAR hosts a party for family and friends that forces her to rent a HALL!!! This year, the child's THIRD she had a DJ. I ask you, where does it end?


You are spot on! My daughter is four, and for the first three years we just invited family round. Last year we gave her the choice of a big party, or a day out to the aquarium including a trip on the ferry. She picked the day out which has provided all of us with a lovely family memory of a great day out!

My son is three this year and I am not planning on throwing him a party yet either. There is plenty of time for all that!


Great to know I am not alone! Now I don't feel like such a birthday party Scrooge!! There are YEARS of birthday parties ahead of us, let's enjoy the quiet (?) ones while we can. I have twins, so the birthday party concept, left unchecked, takes on a truly wacky and stress-inducing life of its own. I'm sure your daughter loved every minute just the same.


That's all we did for my daughter's first birthday, and that's all I plan to do for her second birthday. Sheesh, when did the expectation become that our kids would have to have a full-blown party, with friends, every year? My parents did that for me twice -- once at 7, and once at 16. That seems about right to me.


Hooray for you! I completely agree with your party philosophy.

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