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March 23, 2006


Mother forever

Mine decided to introduce controlled crying one night when she was babysitting for us. Just like that! We came home to find him so distressed! He also cut his head open in the park with her and she decided not to tell us for a couple of days. He has really thick hair so we didn't see it but he has an inch long scar there now. What about concussion and monitoring head wounds? She should know this, she is a health visitor! She also puts them on the parcel shelf of her bike and tells them to hold on to her. That's it, just hold on, no helmets nothing. Oh my god I could go on and on but I won't. The funny thing is she wonders why I have become so distant from her and why I don't involve her as much with our family.


My mother-in-law drives me crazy. She tells me all the time that my son does not look or acked like me. He does. Anyone we see tells me he is just like me. She does not beleave me. And then, she will not let our son call her Oma. My father-in-law is from Germony. Grandma and Grandpa is Oma and Opa there. SHE wants to be called Grandma. So, when we go to her house she tells my 15 mouth old not to say oma, but Grandma. We tell her not to tell him that. We are his parents not her. I'm having my husband talk to her about this.


Does any one have comments about the role of a husband when the mother has said hurtful things to his wife?


I wish I could write/vent about mine. I think I might be further along in my emotioanl health if I could. BUT I made the mistake of telling people about my blog - namely long-distance family who would tell her what I wrote. I adore that ide of the long-distance family who reads it - and they enjoy keeping up on our family. My MIL,(who doesn't read it) thinks I'm out to tear her son away from her. So... she and her daughter are the best of friends and have created a cute litttle world for their 2 families. I'm mostly mad about the fact my kids are the ones who are really being hurt...

Mama C-ta

I really lucked out when it comes to MIL. Mine is there at the drop of a hat but isn't pushy at all. You can count on her and she keeps her opinions to herself.

My mother on the other hand...


Are we sisters-in-law? We must be, because I think we have the exact same Mother In Law? Thanks for sharing, and therefore commiserating, with all of us who have a similar MIL.


My mother-in-law drives me bananas too. She just won't accept that I'm still breastfeeding (my baby is 9 months), that I want to be a stay at home mom and that the baby will not - refuses- to take a soother in his mouth. Its just too much for her to handle. I can't stand her.


Anon, who has time for grammer when you have a toddler and a particular mother in law?

Good post...it is hard to write about family and especially in-laws and find a balance between total honesty and respect...I think you did a good job.


It should be "mothers-in-law." Otherwise, very nice.

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