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March 10, 2006


Mary E Whitsell

I lived in Japan with my family for almost a decade and I too got very tired of whining foreigners. I do understand the need to vent feelings of anger and frustration -- especially when expatriates cannot express themselves in the language of the host country -- but there gets to be a point when you feel weary of all the bickering and the 'Why don't they xxx here like we do in YYY?' comments and want to tell people to pack it up and go back to YYY if they are so dissatisfied with where they are. I've lived in five different countries thus far and I always fantasize about how nice it would be if you could distill the good points of every country and put them all into one country to enjoy -- ah well, that really IS a fantasy, isn't it?


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Hmmm... My oldest son is deaf with a cochlear implant. Although he can hear and communicate very well, he misses a lot. I was just thinking tonight about how glad I was he couldn't hear the boys talk about NOT wanting to pick him for a game. I'm pretty sure he knows what was going on, I'm just glad he didn't really HEAR what they were saying.

Robin P

Lilianna and I have talked about racism and prejudice before and I have told her that if she hears rude or hurtful comments directed at her or a friend,she has to understand that it comes from ignorance.

People judge others by their skin,religion,hair color,piercings....you name it. That's never a fair judgement. I tell Lillianna to look at a person's heart. That's the real test!
It is very hard to deal with this kind of situation. I hope your son will never take this personally.


Well written. I've been sick of that kind of whining for years, but I can imagine how especially difficult it is for you because of your son.


Well said!

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