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March 01, 2006



Sounds like you have a healthy attitude about the outdoors. I'm originally from WI, don't like the cold, either. My first year in college, UP Michigan, we had 220+ inches of snow. ENOUGH! YUCK! But your pictures and the rest of the post have encouraged me to get out more with the boys. Cabin fever is eating us up here, too!


I live just outside Ottawa, and I can hardly wait for winter to be over! We just came back from a trip to visit family in Winnipeg, and it was nicer there. Seriously.


Wonderful pictures Andrea. Hang on, spring is almost here!

H.A. Page

Winterlude. I love the name, too. Wonderful photos. I feel the crispness on my cheek viewing them.

Hattie- motherpie.com new blogzine


I live in KY now but I'm originally from MN. When my daughter was an infant I remember watching the temperature outside and saying to myself if it gets above zero we're getting out of the house, wind chill be damned!

It's funny, my expectation when moving here was that people would be outside more in the winter because it is warmer than MN. But to Kentuckians, it's just as cold. So winter is still a social wasteland and we don't see our neighbors unless its warm. Of course, warm here means 50 or so. And even then, we're often the only ones at the park.

In MN, we lived a few blocks off Lake Harriet in Mpls. My favorite time of year was Ice Out. Sometime in April, the ice would turn this beautiful, deep charcoal grey and the next day it would be gone. I really miss seeing that and the promise of spring that it held.

andrea from the fishbowl

I have decided to combat the grey by immersing myself in photos of spring. I invite people in similarly wintry places to come visit Ottawa in its springtime glory. :)


I can not imagine half a year of winter. YIKES! I live in Georgia and if we get any snow, it is usually mostly ice and sleet. Glad to hear that you are making the most of it.


I am in PA and definitely ready for some springtime. We have had a relatively easy winter with not a lot of snow, but it sort of stinks b/c snowdays without snow are quite boring. Today we have the day off and there is ice and freezing rain... what will we possibly do all day? Can't go anywhere, school's closed, and there is no snow to play in. I guess that's what TV is for. ARGH.


I hear you. Boston is likely a bit less frigid than Ottawa, but winter does often drag into April here. Staying inside for more than the odd, cozy winter day makes me start twitch and foam at the mouth,so we almost always go outside to burn off some energy. (My son is only 18 months, so a little young for most winter sports, but I hope next year he start to learn to skate, etc.)

I especially like the picture of your daughter holding the bird--very sweet.


Winterlude. I think I would enjoy any event with a name like that.


Thanks for writing about Ottawa. I visited there once in May, and it was glorious. Your piece reminded me of the good time I had on my short visit there. Of course, I enjoyed your words about your children, too.

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