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March 26, 2006



I'm a work at home mom with a full time nanny. There are other benefits that I think I should mention about working mommydom.
1.) I never resent my husband for being able to go out and have adult conversations and a life. Our relationship in some ways is stronger because we both feel valued not just in the home but outside of it. My daughter is getting to see that equal partnership is not only possible, it can be expected.
2.) I am always happy to see my daughter. I am never too overwhelmed with having been with her all day to smile and play. She comes to the door of my office to give me a smile and I always take the time to take a break and play with her before going back to work.
3.) I feel like I'm setting a good example of the different options you can have as a woman for her. And I feel like I'm making it financially possible for her to choose any option she wants.
4.) Since our nanny is Hispanic, she is learning to speak a foreign language as well as to know another culture. Our nanny's entire family spends time with our daughter and I believe that because of her roll in my daughter's life, my daughter will learn to treat those in less fortunate circumstances with respect and with the desire to help.
4.) I don't get caught up with the playground politics.
5.) I'm actually more productive when I work since I am very focused on managing my time. I think I play more with my daughter because I know I have less time than when I stayed home all day.


Thank you for sharing your list. I would have to agree that our two daughters have benefited in similar ways from their daycare experience. It helps me to think about that on days when I'm having a bad day in the workplace -- at least I know my girls are having a great day where they are!

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