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March 11, 2006


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i started out, mostly interested in staying warm, as the rented rooms i stayed in that winter had no heat, nor electricity, except hot water to the bath tub and one outlet near where i spread a sleeping bag and blankets on the floor. i slept in wool socks and a wool watch cap and insulated underwear, and by the time i toweled from bathing, i was red like a lobster from the cold.

Jordan Flipsyde

When the love letter, do you still remember? The plot of the story is me!!!!!

trish O'connor

How can I get a copy and is amanda the authors full name - my daughter turns 21 soon but in primary school she would borrow it at least once a wk! Trish

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Well, he linked to this piece - didn't actually come here and comment but instead decided to stay on his blog and comment about it in a controlled environment.


I love you to the moon and back is something I often say to my children, and have actually written a book called, To the Moon and Back
Please visit my website and check it out!!!


In our house it's, "I love you with my whole heart..." And then I tell my kiddo: "I'm so lucky to be your mommy..." and she says, "I'm so lucky to be your kid." Swoooooon. I love being a mom!


What a sweet story! My daughter is 18 months old, and I can't wait to hear "I love you." I'm sure my husband will have to scrape me up off the floor when it finally happens.


That is the SWEETEST! I love it!

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