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April 09, 2006



I just e-mailed this to my two wonderful No Matter What friends. They've been with me for a long time and helpful in countless ways. I'm lucky to have them.


No Matter What friends are hard to come by and take time to grow & simmer. We moved to LA a little over a year ago from NYC and still really miss all our NYC mommy playgroup friends. But we've made some great LA mommy/toddler friends and a few seem like their headed in the No Matter What direction.

What area of the city do you live in? We were in the West Village and had two great downtown moms groups, so I know they're out there!

Once we were faced with two parties on the same day and decieded to split our time so we could attend both.

But don't dispair -- a party with seven, six, five, or even four three year olds, with their parents can make a wonderful and fullfilling party. Good luck Rachel.


Wow...I have a No Matter What Friend too. She just left my house after spending most of the afternoon here. I'm so blessed.


I also left my No Matter What friend behind when we moved from DC to Cleveland last summer. I've--finally--made a new group of friends here and I think 1 or 2 might become No Matter What friends, but who knows? There are plenty of books and movies about the stresses of moving when you're a kid, but nobody talks about the stress of moving when you're a mom.

amy h.

Your post brought tears to my eyes because this topic is at the forefront of my mind right now. I had a No Matter What Friend and our cross-country move took me away from her last May. I was fortunate enough to find another No Matter What Friend in our new town, but she is getting ready to move away this summer. It's hard, and it hurts. These relationships have made my mom-life so much more fun than it would have been otherwise. They understand without having to be told and that means so much. I can only hope that my new No Matter What Friend is getting ready to move here this summer...these relationships are so important! I hope yours is just around the corner, waiting with an extra umbrella and a spare bag of goldfish. Thanks for a wonderful post.


Yes, I have one - my kids call her Kiki. She's my right hand, my biggest cheerleader, my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on, and I am hers. We finish each others sentences, bail each other out all the time, and celebrate all the joys life brings together. I would be lost w/o her.

BTW, is your link to Momswrite broken, or is the site down? Having problems with that.

Robin P

My No Matter What friend is Liane. We met in 7th grade.....THIRTY years ago. Yikes!
But right now,she is living in India with her husband and twin 6 year olds. Before that,they lived 2 years in South Korea and before that,2 years in Jordan!!
She will be home for 2 years starting this summer but "home" in the USA is now Virginia,not Massachusetts!! I miss that relationship so much even though we email and call when we can. It's never the same,is it?

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