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April 18, 2006



I ignore most of the volunteer requests, although the baby makes an easy excuse. I volunteer at Ben's school every other week for one hour, but I'm about to pull the plug on that too, for the last seven weeks of school. That hour butts in to the one little, fragile window of time I have right now, and I need to steal it back before school ends for the summer.

I've always been kind of self-centered and lazy, and I guess that can be a plus sometimes. :)

Robin P

Lillianna is our only child.If she had it her way,I'd be in her school all day,every day,volunteering for something. Never mind that I work and I have other household things to do every day.

I finally agreed to volunteer for her computer group which is every other Friday from 8:30am-9:00am.
I try to volunteer when I can but I have to say NO a lot.
I do go on all her Brownie field trips,though. She loves that.

I feel like the worst mom ever when I know other moms are volunteering more than I do but then again,they don't all work outside the home,either.

It's very difficult. I admire your ability to do it all.

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