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April 21, 2006


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That takes some work. There's really no need for a bib when you're munching on blue crabs in Baltimore, but I see why you need one for these.


This is GREAT. Good for you! It's so hard sometimes to resist some of the stuff our western culture tries to make us believe. Of course you can't do without a high chair! And you also need the clip-on high-chair in case you're crazy enough to go to a restaurant that is so closed to kids that it doesn't have high chairs. And for those places that do have high chairs, you need to buy special straps, wipes, and liners to make sure the offending chair is safe for your babe. And when you leave the restaurant? I hope you have the right stroller: the unbrella for quick jaunts, the padded recliner for long strolls, the in-between one because the padded one was too heavy/big to fit in your car, or the jogger. (-: It's nuts. Do Thai kids turn out okay depite the lack of all the modern miracles available to American kids? Well... they learn different lessons, that's for sure. I applaud you for picking the ways of teaching, modeling, and living that make sense to you; not just the ones that are literally sold to us here in the west.


We use a Thai table also. I love it. At first the kids had to be reminded constantly to return to the table until they're finished eating. I don't like them running around with food in their mouths, but they do very well now and enjoy being able to sit next to us. It really is a simpler way to do meals, and they can help set the table and clear, even the two year old because they can reach. ANd when we go to Thailand next year they will adapt just fine, at least to meal times.

Antique Mommy

I think you do whatever works for your family. We never had a high chair. It was just one more piece of big boned baby junk that I didn't want in the house. I sat on the floor and ate with my kiddo most of the time since the floor was where most the food would end up any way! Why not save myself some trouble?


The Thai way sounds great! I believe in daily dinner but I don't believe in forcing kids to eat. My husband and I sit down and eat our dinner. My toddler son is pretty good about eating, but my almost-three-year old just doesn't seem to need to eat sometimes. That's fine by me. I don't want to obsess over her food consumption or choices; I feel that's a great way to nurture an eating disorder, even when that's not your intent.


I much prefer the Thai way. Mealtimes cause me way too much stress. i worry if they don't eat enough, or the right stuff, I try to make them sit and not mess. I need to give up, let them be children and I'm sure it will all work out in the end.

Structure can defiantely be over rated!

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