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April 24, 2006



What a beautiful post. I read it and reread it because I so completely related to what you wrote, down to remembering a younger brother come home from the hospital. Thanks for giving me pause and reflect on how marvelous these years of children being children are.


I can relate. And I LOVE the comments about the king size bed. I wish I had one.

I've been reminiscing a lot lately, too. Does having kids do this to you? I feel like I'm going to be one of those old ladies with her dusty photo albums that nobody's interested in looking at. Okay, this isn't very upbeat... Anyway, Happy Birthday!

amy h.

Such a nice post! That is so true that the beginning is so much slower than the rest...it's all whipping by now. And the eternal 8-year old summer...really great post!


Happy Birthday!

Enjoyed this posting. I can totally relate. I realized recently that I'm actually older than my parents were when I remember first thinking that they were old fuddy duddies.

grumble, grumble, grumble....


I can really relate to your post. I was just thinking about this the other day, and I think that my life started flying by after I hit 25. I don't know where all the years have gone. But I do recall that my newborn slowed down time for me, at least for the first year. Maybe that's because I was awake more (smile)?


There is something about looking back that makes you want to press the brakes - if only slightly.

My daughter just turned five and my son turned eleven two weeks ago. I spent some time in between looking at baby photos and nearly lost it. My heart grew and broke all at the same time.

I know that every moment is precious but these moments - when our children are actually children - are the best.


Happy Birthday!!! I can relate to your post. It's like just yesterday I was dreaming of what my life would be like all grown up. Being married, having kids, etc. I had my first baby last year and it' seems so serial.

I looked at my daughter the other day and thought. You are what I dreamed of but never in my dreams could I have imagined how wonderful you'd actually be. How much you can love them is still so amazing.


I feel the same way. How did I get to be a parent? It all goes so fast. Especially once you're all grown up! Happy Birthday.

Antique Mommy

What a great post and a great reminder of how precious and fleeting life is.


Loved your post this morning. I can so relate - seems like more and more often I'm wondering where the time went. Things that seem like just yesterday were 15 or 20 years ago. I know tomorrow they will have been 30 years ago. I am convinced someone is warping the space time continuum!

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