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April 05, 2006


Child Custody Agreement

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Well Hip I have to say I truely thought I was hip I look in the mirror and think ok not too bad yet... however while on maternity leave with my second child I was taking my 8 year old to school and he said to me, Mom your not going out looking like that are you? I had my hair in a pony tail and my Old Navy sweat shirt on...
I said Baby It is what it is! He just rolled his eyes at me! So I guess I am just a hip ledgend in my own mind anymore!

isabelle harder

I don't consider myself hip but I'm a very open minded parent.
My 9 year old is a unique intelligent child. Is not bothered by peer pressure because I thought him how to be your own self and respect other people to be that way too. I keep him away from TV and corperate America. Encouraged his free spirit etc. People think I'm hip and happening and think my child is something else.
Hip is just another empty word, clothes, music, latest caget. Raising critical thinkers, a child who is not afraid to stick out her/his head and invent new things, ideas, is creative,and inspires other kids and adults is what I think hip should be.


my daughter still thinks i'm hip, and she's 13-and-a-half. i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that i can maintain this quasi-hipness for a while, as she and her younger brother dive into their teens. right now, we all like the same music, and my daughter's just discovering all this great alternative '80's stuff i used to listen to!


I definitely think I'm hip, but my oldest is only 6 - and I'm 33... I don't weare polyester pants with permanent creases. Does that mean I'm hip? I do like comfortable undies :) My style is converse and capris. That's hip, but converse were cool in the 80's... Who really knows :)


I'd like to think that I'm a Hip Momma. I will be 33 next week and have a 10 year old son. We like the same kind of music and he thinks it's kinda cool that his mom has a couple of tatoos and a tongue ring...

Ellen C. Braun

Well... I really thought I was a hip Mamma, until my first-grader (oldest) started coming home from school with requests to buy things and go places I'd never heard of! Although I'm 28, with 3 kids, it seems like the world has moved on since I was a hip teen!

Antique Mommy

At my age, 46, with a toddler in tow, there is a very fine line between looking hip and looking desperate. Belly shirts and hip huggers? No. Gwen Stefani? Yes. Hooray for those GenXers, not for their quest to hang onto hip, but for understanding that spending time with their kids has more payoffs than a plump paycheck.

SF Mom of One

One nice thing about being a 48 year old mom of an 8 year old kid is that I don't stand a chance of being hip. What a relief.

I am guilty of inculcating Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, though, so I get to listen to them in the car.


I have always moved to the beat of a different drummer and worn what is comfortable. I'm not a total nerd but definitely not hip. My 13 year old recently got excited when she saw the jeans I had finally found, ones that covered my whole butt not just the lower part. She said, "Mom, those jeans are so stylish.... for women your age". I roared with laughter.



As a 30-year-old stepmother to two teen girls (and mom to a 2-year-old), it's pretty much in my job description to be hip. It has always been my role to be a little more attuned to the girls (and more likely to do donuts in the school parking lot) because of my age. I like the perception because it helps me stay young and current- and with a toddler, that's a little more difficult to achieve these days.


Not only am I SO NOT HIP, but I am afraid I'm depriving my girls (5 and 8) of any hope of their own hipness. I think clothes and shoes for little girls today are just skimpy and inappropriate. Who would have thought such words would ever escape my lips? But there you have it. And TV. Sorry, no. No. The language is inappropriate, the themes are inappropriate, and I miss "Little House of the Prairie." Today's music? Largely noise. Inappropriate lyrics. My poor girls. Their mom is a prude, and there's nothing they can do about it - except rebel like hell when they hit college. I know -- my two will be the ones smoking pot and getting piercings. It'll serve me right!


My idea of cool is being able to work the hours I want to work at a job I love from home, but still make it to mommy's group and still have lunch with my daughter. The fact that I do most of this stuff in pajamas makes it even cooler. So in that sense, I'm a really hip mama.


i was very hip until i had the sweetest boy. now i am just hoping that my former hipness carries me through until he is sleeping through the night. until then i plan on hanging out with very un-hip moms with similar aged kids from my mommy and me group.

oh, and old navy is NOT hip. not. anywhere. close.


My husband and I were recently discussing the fact that my parents were only 46 when he met them for the first time. At that time I thought my Mom was ridiculously un-hip. Now that I'm approaching that age very quickly I realize that although I and my friends and I think I'm terribly hip, I know that my children look at me and only see what I saw at that age...a ridiculously un-hip momma. I guess it's all in the eyes of the beholder.


My husband and I have our own version of hip and try to teach our kids that the latest toys/music/video games/pop star isn't as hip as they think they are.

Chess, golf, Johnny Cash, The Ramones...now that's hip.

It'll probably bite us in the butt and they'll become Celine Dion loving Republicans.


I guess I'm a GRUP and a "hip mama." I don't try to be, in fact, sometimes I think I'm really not hip. I just dress the same way I've always dressed and listen to the same stuff I've always listened to. But I guess I'm not a stereotypical SAHM in many ways. I don't know. What's with all the label stuff these days in the media? We all have to fit in a category. Maybe being a true "hip mama" is not fitting into any of these categories.


I may think I am hip but will my daughter think so? Doubtful! Even though most of my friends thought my mom was cool, I never really did! I have always listened to punk music, but my daughter will probably rebel by listening to country western...for me, it is not about being hip: it is about the fact that my tastes and interests are the same as they were post-motherhood. If my daughter and I can find some common (social, artist) ground we will be doing good!

Wicked Stepmom

Gawd, I hope so!

The problem is dressing young and hip without looking like you are trying too hard!

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