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April 14, 2006


Maria P.

Oh that is my life every time we go out. Leave it up to me to pack very well for my two small children and forget even a hat for myself on a trip to my in-law's cabin in the rockies in the middle of winter.

Mama C-ta

Great tip b/c I need the reminder. I lather my son up but never care about my skin and always regret it. I bought the "disappearing blue" sunscreen by Avon with bug repellant, it helps ensure I got my baby covered and didn't miss any spots.


I also am the first in my family to burn. I've been using a no-rub sport spray for the last couple of years and it's great. No more sunscreen all over your hands to wash off! That and then a face stick to get the cheeks, nose and chin.

Robin P

When Lillianna and I go to the pool,I have her rub sunscreen on my back because I can't reach it. She's good at it because my back never burns.


It seems like I have to re-learn the burn lesson all over again, every year. My brain just refuses to believe that I can burn before July.


You are just lucky that you have enough sunshine to get burned. We are still suffering the rain and cold here in Ireland and probably won't feel any heat until at least June!

Try calamine lotion for the sunburn it works a treat (or if its really severe rub a raw tomato on it, don't know why, but it works)

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