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April 15, 2006



I'm a thinking mom and sometimes wish I weren't. Do you think that's a general pattern, that moms have this greater need to take in and share information in the first couple of years of mommyhood, and then it slows down a bit?
I see that pattern in a lot of the blogs I've been looking at lately--new moms with this urgency to think and talk about all this stuff! It's great, but does it lead to burnout?
On a semi-related issue, I cancelled my Real Simple subscription, even though I love it, because it stressed me out. I can't keep up with the pressure to have everything my life so organized and clean and perfect all the time!

Vacation Mamma

Once a thinking mom always a thinking mom...

This is from not a mom of a 3 year old, but of a 13 year old who sometimes acts like one, and of a 10 year old who imitates her.

If you think about your choices, you will continue to do so immersed or not. Sometimes imersion is good, sometimes you need to go out into the world and see how the masses are doing.

Often you will find, that as child moves to a new stage, so will you. Take a break, thn hit the next one.


I'm a working mom -- you mean I'm supposed to think too? No time. Seriously, my daughter is 19 months old, and I've just started to read a little again.


That's when you need to resign yourself to being an "imperfect parent". There's a time and place for reflection and then, there's a time and place to celebrate your inner parenting screw-up.

Sherry Frewerd

I have the same issue and it's seriously driving me insane. I need a vacation from everything right now...


Maybe its time to move on.

I tend to overthink each and every situation and while that makes me a better mum most of the time, it makes me a crazy mum some of the time.

I'd rather think about my parenting skills, than ignore them and have my children suffer, but I really believe that sometimes we can take it way too far!


I feel the same way. On the one hand, I am submersed every day in parenting, the other hand is becoming to parenting oriented and start drowning in the wealth of information that is out there. And I can totally over think everything.


Thanks for this. I started blogging and since then I've starting reading again (sad, but true). I'm not to overwhelmed yet, and I was thinking of getting a subscription - but I fear that based on my own tendencies, I may end up way over my head in the thinking-mom genre.

It's one thing if it's helpful and interesting, another if it makes you think and change for the better, but yet another if you feel guilty and obligated.

I don't want to get to the latter. So, I'm trying to take things in moderation!

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