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April 12, 2006



My miscarriage was march 19, 2004, and I remember that feeling of spring all around me but cold and desolate inside. The worst part was Easter a few weeks later which featured a baby shower and several cousins asking "when are you going to have another!?" Ugh. I got pregnant with Ava just a few weeks after the due date.

That's great that you made that presentation, good for you. I'm always amazed at how many women have suffered a miscarriage.


What a poignant entry. I can so relate. As a three-time miscarriage sufferer (who still gets melancholy on certain anniversary dates), I think that your perspective, looking at the life springing forth at this time of year, is a healthy one.

And by teaching medical personnel to become more sensitive to future patients' pregnancy losses is certain to provide comfort to the next family down the sad road who will travel where we have already traversed.


Having recently suffered a miscarriage, this post really speaks to me right now.

I've caught myself often wondering if I'll be "tracking" this lost pregnancy forever. I probably will, but hopefully my view will become more optimistic, as yours did.

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