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April 03, 2006



LOLLOL - I love the part about body-checking your husband. As someone who also recently went through the finally pooping in the potty, I salute you. :) I would high-five you about how now we only have to wipe butts for a few years ... but you're doing it all over again, I see. Well, they say girls are easier. :)

Wicked Stepmom

I'm so jealous. The Boy is almost 4 and still refuses to do poopie in the potty.

And I'm a total Glory Mom too. I will even pretend a milestone hasn't happened if I wasn't there to witness it and will attempt to re-orchestrate it. I direct your attention to Exhibit A.


I just had the same experience with my three-year-old this past Sunday - the first poop in the potty! I was lucky to be there b/c I work full-time, but I guess she saved it for me! I know exactly the pride you feel!


i do the happy poo dance for my dogs...

Kate Baggott

That is exciting. It's amazing to me what I can stretch into a major event.

For instance, I am trying not to be proud of how my three year-old has outsourced artwork at pre-school. Instead of drawing a picture himself, he just orders one from a slightly older girl. I have a collection of drawings (all of them of black train engines) done by three of my son's girlfriends...all older women. I can't believe how organized he is about it.


Wooohooo! Go Jackson :-)

Now, can you just come over to my house and get Luke to do that??? LOL

I don't blame you for how you feel; I try not to miss anything either... :-)


I've become a Glory Parent. I fought against it for a long time, and then I just gave in and now I am excited to be a Glory Mother.


Ok this is so awesome. I'm so glad you're here now LOL.... And yeah I'm a glory parent. Whatever to anyone who has ANYTHING to say about it too.


YAY Jackson!! YAY mom!!

Spoken by a Glory Parent that still gets excited when her almost 10 year old actually REMEMBERS TO LIFT THE LID!!

Seriously, congrats!

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