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April 25, 2006



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Kris, you're making me go hug my baby girl. Darn, she's sleeping. I'll have to comtent myself with imagining her own little chubby thighs.


I know how you feel. My little one is almost 6 months and everyday he is growing up a little bit more. I am trying not to mourn the passing days, but yet celebrate the coming milestones.


Oh, the memories. Kris, it only gets better. Every month, I wish she'd never change, and yet the next month is better than the last. :)

At least until they hit 13...


My baby is 10 months also. I thought I'd be happy to see her exploring her world and discovering everything. It just reminds me how precious every minute is and to treasure it.


I know exactly what you're saying. Mine is 20 months old today, and no one told me that it would be this hard to let my baby grow up. I feel like such a bad mom sometimes, because I'm not always happy inside that she's growing up and away from me. But, I keep it to myself so that she'll never know that I'm not celebrating with her.

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