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April 29, 2006



Kudos to you for raising your children well, despite being a child yourself. And yes, even if you thought you were not ready then, you still did the best you could. Imagine how great you would be now that you are ready?! :-)


I married my current husband when my kids were 2 and 3. It took us nearly eight years of a second marriage to decide we really did want more kids. Actually, I went through periods of irrational baby lust (I was in the middle of finally going to college)and my husband DID NOT want any more children. Somewhere in the past year, we started to talk about it seriously. After thinking we were done for so long, this is weird.


I'm just thrilled to hear how you dealt with the unexpected pregnancies that came your way and the way you allowed the blessing of children to make you a stronger woman. I sometimes wonder if I would have ever really grown up if I didn't have kids to help me do it.
Best wishes for doing it again.


You know...I'm recently divorced and my ex husband's recent engagement to someone has got me thinking about my future as a mom. I don't think I want another child. Maybe I'll change my mind when I'm financially stable or have a trustworthy partner...but I think that i'm done...and that makes me sad...not because Isabelle is a horrible child or I regret the way my situation has turned out but because...well, I guess I don't really know ...thanks for sharing this with us!!

Antique Mommy

God bless you in your efforts to get those third and fourth babies. At 30, you are a baby yourself by my standards! (I had my first at 44.) I can only imagine the joy a baby would bring not to just you, but your boys as well.

Stacy Quarty

I can say from experience: It's a wonderful thing to have a planned baby, when you know you are ready to give that baby all the time and love it will need.


What a hard job but then it's true motherhood is never easy. I used to think it would be easier when they got older and could do more for themselves, it's another set of difficulties now. We're muddling through.


I'm banking on the patience and perspective factors, at least for some of the time. If it makes you feel any better, I had NO energy back then!


Motherhood is never easy, no matter what the circumstances! I waited until my 30s to have children and while I know I probably would have had loads more energy in my younger years, I wouldn't trade the perspective and patience I have in my old age. Well, most of the time. :-)

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