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April 27, 2006


Lisa B

I had to check out your post. So glad I did. YOu always crack me up. :-)


i love everything you write! another great post that made me laugh out loud.....


Hot coffee and a private pee, what are those things again?
Great post.


I'd like to see any one of those celebs do what we Mamas do on a daily basis without the benefit of a nanny to raise-I mean watch their child(ren). For those of us not able to go to BlogHer, will you tape your Shakira dance for us and post it on Motherhood Uncensored? I don't want to miss that.

Her Bad Mother

It's exciting enough for me, that's for sure. Especially when one incorporates Shakira jiggles. Ooh baby baby.


Wiping the poop, eating the sandwich. Wiping the poop, eating the sandwich. Wiping the sandwich, eating the...


I absolutely loved this post. It's so true.

Loved it. I'll be back for more. Found you through Motherhood uncensored.



Yes indeed, us Moms are the true celebrities.How do we do it??

A couple of days ago when I was taking my 2 sick kids out to the front yard to stretch their legs and get a little fresh air (we've got cabin-fever, big time) my husband looked at us before we went outside (in our 1/2 pajama, 1/2 longe wear ensembles) and had the nerve to comment that we looked like street urchins! HA!I call us the walking wounded and damn it, I'm still standing and draggin my troops behind me. That's pretty damn glamourous if you ask me!
Go try that Lindsay Lohan!


So true. How funny!

Sunshine Scribe

So very funny, insightful and TRUE. Loved it.


And obviously, I am very excited about it. :)


I'm drafting a query letter right now.

Thanks for your thoughts folks. I'll save my Shakira dance for blogher. :)


I'm drafting a query letter right now.

Thanks for your thoughts folks. I'll save my Shakira dance for blogher. :)

Robin P

Very funny post.
May I add that instead of watching a celebrity jumping into her car to ditch the paparazzi,you can watch me as I shout,"Go,go,go!" to my daughter as I not so gently guide her into the car when I pick her up from school. I give her enough time to buckle and then I peel out of the parking lot to shuttle her to her Brownie Troop meeting. It makes for a fascinating car scene....really!

Petite Mommy

Oh, I would definitely watch a show like that! Especially if it was you! I LOVE this post!


I would totally watch you on MTV.

But I personally think we're more suited for Animal Planet...

And honestly, I think the juxtaposition of "tuna sandwich" and "poopy diaper" is going to be with me all day.


Sign me up. LOL.




Why do you think I read blogs instead of People Magazine? I find everyday people infinitely more interesting than celebrities.




Welcome to my life, MTV.

Antique Mommy

Very funny! And very true! Great post.

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