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May 10, 2006



I would adore that recipe book! The boys are getting to an age where they want to stay indoors and I'm constantly pushing for them to GO OUTSIDE. Maybe something similar would jog a litle creativity, much like the Dragonology books are starting to do for them!


Strangely, my boys (ages 3 & 1) have been getting a lot of nature despite us living in Washington DC proper. Thanks to all places, t.v., show like Go Diego Go have instilled a love of animals and nature in our older son. We now spend nearly every weekend hiking on trails through Rock Creek Park. We also spend all afternoon outside in our backyard looking for squirrels and caterpillars, feeding birds from our feeder and planting flowers.

I agree that this is an incredibly important aspect of growing up.


My daughters (3 and 1) LOVE to be outside - they'd rather be there than anywhere else... but I know I have more to do in introducing them to nature when, on one of our walks through the neighbourhood, we came across TWO trees standing side by side and my 3 year old, in a voice of wonder, says "Mama, is this a forest?"
My playground growing up was an actual 40 acre forest...
the times, they are a-changing...

Robin P

All Lillianna ever wants is to be "out." If I have things to do inside,she begs me to take her out when I am done. She never wants to be inside unless there's a freezing rain outside.

She rides her bike,jumps rope,jumps with her Skip-It,writes with chalk,collects rocks,plays wiffle ball and runs with her friends. The only difference from my childhood is that when she does all these things, I am sitting outside with her. She's only 8 1/2 so I am not leaving her outside alone.

Usually my neighbor will be out so we chat while the kids play. If I'm alone,I read a book and relax.

Lillianna gardens with her auntie. (I hate that stuff!)
In the nice weather,Rich takes her on hikes through the trails in the woods or in the Blue Hills or they walk through an old cemetary in town.

She has a GameBoy but she rarely plays with it. She is definitely an outdoor girl.

I'll have to look for that recipe book. She would love it!

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