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May 31, 2006



When I posted the drinking one...I wondered if it would get a response. I was really surprised by it, too. I have a feeling that's one of those "studies" that we'll find out eventually doesn't have much merit!

Amanda Sanders

Society puts such a stigma on anything alcoholic in the US. I'm sure that is derived from the way we have treated alcohol through our nations history. I think part of the problem is that it's like a "forbidden fruit". So it is more likely to be abused in the name of rebellion, which is such a part of the American spirit (that's not neccesarrily a bad thing, but an entirely different subject). In other cultures, it is a normal part of daily life: Beer with a wurst, wine with cheese, etc. The fact is that Europeans drink and smoke more than Americans, but have significantly lower rates of heart disease and cancer. That is because of the food they eat; they don't put a million chemicals, artificial flavors, and preservatives in their food, and they don't charge an arm and a leg for anything healthy. So I agree with ImperfectMommy: they need to do a study on the effect of food chemicals and pesticides on pregnant women. But then again, some big company, (like Mc Donnalds) that gets rich at the expence of the nations health, might lose a little money.


Imperfect Mommy, I invite you for martinis because YES! EXACTLY!

Imperfect Mommy

Yeah, that one is making me go hmmm... After I found out I was pregnant again, I obviously stopped drinking, but I do confess that I have a few sips of wine on very rare occasions. I just wish someone could give us some more meaningful info -- like how much is safe (here in reality)? Are a few sips going to impair my child when he is 10? Or does it take a full glass on a daily basis? This stuff drives me crazy.

And what about all the other environmental toxins, chemicals in food, pesticides, etc.?? Those don't impact a child's development? I wish I would hear some researchers discussing those things too... not everything is in the mother's control. This just all seems to go to a "blame the mother" mentality that I see so much lately. I think it leads us all to be so much more stressed -- b/c it seems like every single choice we make could have these huge and lasting effects. It is paralyzing sometimes.


The drinking study is fascinating...since most overseas (read: non-American) studies prove that light drinking is perfectly okay in pregnancy. Go figure.

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