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May 29, 2006



I don't have any lessons to share but wanted to say what a beautiful tribute this is to your father. You can definately tell that he is still very loved even now.


Beautiful tribute, Robin!
He is still very much alive for you in your heart and spirit.

I am lucky to have both my parents, Mom, 85 and dad,87. They are both truly funny and remarkable!
My dad's a real character..he talks to everybody in his big booming voice...he is a looming presence in any place, but mostly in our hearts. Every day I hear echoes of what he's once said or done.
We three daughters are the most wonderful entities in his world and he continues to tell us so in beautifully written notes. I have featured him in a lot of my blogs and stories, both mine and his. He is a great writer.
Hmmm..should do a blog for Father's Day..!

He taught us to stand proud and be true to who we are and not to let anyone, (especially men who don't treat us kindly)decide whether the sun will shine or not on any given day.
Fathers and daughters have a very unique and special bond.


This was a very touching post. I'm very fortunate to have both my parents still living. It makes me love them more and more each day.

I even wrote about my love for my Mom in my blog. If you'd like to check it out, click on the link below.

There are many lessons they've taught me but a few really stuck with me and I'm trying to teach my children the same, and they are respect your elders, work hard at everything you do, and be charitable.


My mother had a big heart and a childlike quality that made me feel she'd be an eternal teenager. And my father always instilled in me a sense that I could do anything I wanted to if I put my mind to it. Feb 20 marked the third anniversary of my mother's death, and June 6 marks the first anniversary of my father's death. I miss you guys, and I hope you're proud of the job I'm doing raising Maricella. Great post Robin!


My Dad died when he was 47 and the one thing I always remember him telling me was to keep learning new things all your life.He would read the encyclopedia each day,too bad he didn't get to finish..but it keeps my life fascinating and interesting


My dad died last year at 50. I had just turned 22. My little sister was 13. There were 3 other kids in between us. My son was born 8 months minus one day after he was born, 2 1/2 weeks early. Without trying to he taught us all just how much life truly goes on. At 5 months old it's amazing how much he reminds everyone of my dad.


My father died at 38. I was 15. We donated his clothing a year later and, that winter, I would see a homeless man wearing his old coat. It made me sad, but it also gave me great hope. Out of every negative, there is a chance to do good.

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