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May 14, 2006


Angela Giles Klocke

Three G/T kids here. And I've shared the same kinds of thoughts before... No matter the level of giftedness, they're still all SO kid. ;)


*struggles not to give fourteen examples of same behavior over last twenty-four hours*


We used to look at each other over our monologuing son and whisper, "Wapner." If David Attenborough, and Cliff Claven had a son, it would be this kid.

And if I hear that someone must have moved it one more time I will rip my own head off.


I was a highly gifted child, and Max sounds exactly like I was -- one of the best and brightest in academic fields, and yet often visibly lacking in what my mom called 'common sense' at home. My opinion, for what's it's worth, is that if you get the chance to put him in gifted classes, you should do it. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.


I raised two sons who were both tested for the gifted programs and both tested really well. As mom who has experienced this and the effects of allowing children to advance quickly and do gifted programs. One question to be sure to ask yourself if are they emotionally mature enough for the programs. One thing we did that really seemed to work alot was working with mentoring programs. My oldest son was a gifted reader but did not enjoy the gifted classes.He missed his friends etc. so a teacher suggested he help the younger children with reading. He became a peer tutor. This was one of the best things ever for him it not only helped the other students but it really boosted his self-esteem and taught him at a young age the importance of helping others. Dont be limited to just the gifted classes but seek out other alternatives.


I have a similar situation. Every teacher my 8-year-old has ever had said he will be ready for the G/T (which doesn't start until 3rd grade in our state). He always tests very well and until recently has had good grades. Then came the test that they use for the G/T program. He did so poorly on it I wanted to ask for a re-test. His grades for this quarter have gone down dramatically.

At home we do algebra, study world geography and cultures, and read a variety of books. I think he is just bored at school. At the beginning of the year the teacher spent extra time with him to find him things to do to keep his hands and mind busy. Now she just complains because he doesn't sit still when he finishes the work in half the time it takes the rest of the class.

I'm a single mom, and I work full-time and am going to school online full time as well. I still spend a lot of time with him reading and doing homework. I don't know what else to do.

My parent's home-schooled me through 9th grade. I know it was a big sacrifice, especially for my mom, but it made all the difference in the world.

Robin P

You just described my daughter. Lillianna is 8 1/2 years old and she has the vocabulary and reading skills of a high school student. That being said, I can't get her to put her chalkboard in her own room. She leaves it in the living room no matter how many times I ask her to put it away.

We had the chance to push her ahead in school when she entered kindergarten but I decided not to do it.

I find it quite amusing that she is so advanced in some ways and in other ways....she is so very 8 1/2 years old. Ahhhh....kids! Ya gotta love them.

Lisa B

I have a son who is 12 and sounds exactly like your son. He is gifted and talented at school but they will not test him for the program because he is not getting the grades to support it. He got all A's up until last year. We moved and they had tested the end of the school year for the kids in the program. Now he cannot be tested until the end of the year. His grades suffered because he is completely bored. He is doing things he did in his last school last year. He is not learning anything new at all. I did his home work with him every night so I know this is true. His school does not him him any homework either!

His father is a chemical engineer and I have an MBA. We make time for him and religiously sit with him every night to make sure his home work is done. I feel like the school is failing him. I have spoken to the school about my concerns and they try to attribute it to the move and his adjustment. I truely belive he is happier here and has more friends than ever. What should I do? They make so much red tape that a concerned parent cannot get anything done.

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