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May 13, 2006



oh, yes that was a wonderful day when my daughter brought the Cheerios box in and very quietly asked for me to open it so she could feed her sister who was starving. I started leaving milk in a cup in the fridge and she would pour it into their bowls...very successful. Now they are 12 and 14 and are doing just fine.

Robin P

Lillianna tends to do this on the weekends when I am at work and she is home with Rich.
She did do this one day while I was in the shower and I almost burst into tears when I found her. Ok,she was 7 at the time and old enough to fix her own bowl of cereal but it broke my heart.
I felt like she was so independent,which is what I want.....don't I?
I think I'll go into therapy in 8 years when she gets her driver's license.


Mother is so great!! T_T
Happy mothers' day, my great mother! I love you so much forever!


That was a wonderful morning.


I started laughing out loud and almost started crying when I read the comment "I am counting the seconds until I never have to wipe another person's butt again" I thought I was the only person in the world who thought like that. I have four girls ages: 7, 6, 4, and 3. I know I will want these days back and they grow up way too fast. But right now years are flying but days are VERY long!!! Thanks for the comment it really makes me feel better.

Laura Podolski

I am always impressed how little children learn quickly to do things they want to do; oh but I cann't wait til my little girl will start cleaning her room on her own. She will be six in October and she can do the laundry because she likes to. I just want her to stay my baby and not get so independant so soon; but she is Miss Independant. I'm just a mom who is fearful she is going up to fast.


enjoy it while they are young they grow up way to fast


Aw. So sweet, isn't it? My boy is six and can get his own breakfast too. But his 4 year old brother is not to be trusted. And, unfortunately, my 10 month old is our earliest riser right now.


That sounds heavenly!


Now isn't that the best Mother's Day present ever? :)


Isn't it the truth, just when you think you'll never enjoy of the pre-kid indulgences again those kids rise to the occasion. Good job girls!

Me personally, I am counting the seconds until I never have to wipe another person's butt again.


Now that is something to look forward to!!

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