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May 02, 2006



"Note to self: Never blindfold anyone carrying an AARP card, spin them around and let them walk around in a room full of small children hopped up on birthday cake." I love it!

On my nephew's first birthday, I brought a couple of balloons. Someone tied them to his highchair. Wouldn't you know that was all he wanted to play with -- smacking them and watch them duck and bounce and twirl in all their mylar sparkliness? I think the other adults were jealous he wasn't too interested in the presents they brought him.


As the mom of 3 - I can so totally relate. But as I'm sure you know there are 2 (well more..) types of presents. There's the "wow" present that will get all the attention the first day and make you feel so good you made your kid happy. Then there's the long term present which will actually keep child entertained for hours on end and if you're lucky years on end. (By the way - hope the Radio Flyer trike holds up better than ours did - my kid managed to break part of it Christmas day...)

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