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May 28, 2006



Thank you all for your comments, your thoughts and experiences are very helpful. I know we're just on yet another cog of the wheel, and it's so good to hear how others have come through a lot of moving in their lives. I do appreciate you taking the time to tell me about it!


I grew up with all the moving. Eventually I noticed that some kids had been in one place the entire time I moved from coast to coast and house to house. And they knew other kids from birth! There were jealous moments where I didn't feel a part of the place. However, I always figured out a niche for myself and as soon as I was able to make decisions for myself I was moving to and fro myself. There are things you forfeit with all the moving BUT you see so much in the way of how people do life. And so much about how you can adapt and learn from each and every situation. And truly, I think, my heart is bigger and more open than it could possibly be if I had stayed put. For me, all this moving has been a gift. Perhaps Tyler will feel something similar someday.

Kimberly Schaefer

I think that all of this moving will have a surprisingly pleasent affect on your son. I grew up in a family where we moved a lot until I was in high school and although I had never planted any roots in a home town I had a very close relationship with my parents that I still maintain and encourge my daughters to as well. It seems like he is truly excited and you are doing this for his benefit and that will show. So have no fear, what he may have missed in growing roots in a physical address rest assured that he has gained in strengthening ties where it matters most: With his family.

Amanda Sanders

My kids and I spent some time in Germany, and talk about a different lifestyle! We walked everywhere we went, got fresh bread daily, everything was bustling and lively... Now we live about 30 minutes from town on a few acres of land out in the hills and pines of East Texas, and it can feel a little isolated sometimes. But on the other hand, it's serene, and private, and the kids love the freedom of running through fields, getting dirty, picking flowers. There are times when I miss our former lifestyle very much, but I chose to come back to the States to be with my husband. The kids are much happier now, and I'm really settling in. Our organic vegitable garden keeps us busy, and that is one thing we wouldn't have been able to have elsewhere. Some of the people here have a very narrow mind set, but it's what they were raised on I suppose, and you just have to take the good with the bad. Most are honest, hardworking individuals who would do anything to help a neigbor. They're the kind of people to whom a handshake is still as good as a contract. Living here makes me long for simpler times.

amy h.

"Conversations are riptides that take us, unwilling and unprepared, into the muddy waters of racism, misogyny, and conservative “values.”" What a great sentence - and boy do I relate!!! I hope that this move is a good one for all of you. Nice post!

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