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May 09, 2006


Jocelyn Corlett

Lightning McQueen. I suddenly miss that car! Haha! Looking forward to that second movie! The kids are goin' to be happy. Owen Wilson fans, like yourself, are goin' to be happy.

politically incorrect mom

Oh hilarious! I hadn't heard of that movie, but if there's a chance I might get to sleep with Owen Wilson, I'll be sure we don't miss that one.


We are very excited for Cars in this house too - and we don't even have kids. My husband has been making his cereal choices based on which brand has a Cars car in them. We'll probably run into you at the theatre - June 9th is totally blocked out for us! :)


That's so funny...

Cars was set to come out for Thanksgiving last year, so we thought and that was going to be my daughter's first movie. Instead her first movie (at three years old) was Curious George and she loved it! Of course we had to go see Ice Age - The Meltdown, too - twice :)


That is hillarious! I personally would rather hear maybe George Clooney or Orlando Bloom though....

My little one is only 4 months old so no theatre trips for us yet. But we have quite a collection going at home so he should be content for a while. Especially with the Veggie Tales movies, we had to get a CD for the car because he likes Bob's and Larry's voices so much..... our rides are much more fun now!


I didn't even know about this movie until I read your entry. I need to get out more. :)


The first movie I took my oldest to was Madagascar and he was 3. I spent the next month or so trying to explain in a way that he would understand WHY he couldn't watch that movie again right now. We had tears and anger and guilt(he thought it was because he was in trouble for something) etc etc. Maybe explaining it BEFORE we went to see the movie would have help.

BUT, he is now 4 and we still have no been back to the theater. He behaved wonderfully but that next month was really hard.

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