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May 22, 2006



I can echo Robin. When I was 12, my mom and new step-dad adopted a baby boy. He was like my baby and I adored him. He became my shadow when he could walk, and he'd let me do things (like remove splinters, etc.) when he wouldn't let Mom and Dad near him. I left home for college when he was 6, and he did most of his growing up when I was away in the Air Force. I'm getting to know him as an adult, and I sure do like what I see. He'll always be my baby and we'll always share a special bond.

Your boys will do great no matter the sex of the baby. They will adore him or her and he/she will idolize them. I predict they will be very close.

Good luck!


Antiquemommy, well, we don't have a new baby (or a pregnancy) yet but my record so far is good. We don't know anything about the husband yet. We are hopeful all will work out well, but we aren't so arrogant to know there could be problems after all this time. I so wish I could throw a little good fertility around; no one should have to suffer through infertility.

SassyK, thank you!

Robin, oh my god thank you for saying that. I hope for such good fortune.


I think it's awesome that your boys are so loving and open to thier half-siblings. I think that many times situations wouldn't be a big deal to our children except that we throw in all the drama and impress on them how to react to a situation. You've obviously done a good job teaching them that a half-sibling is just as good as a whole one! Good luck with having the new baby.

Robin P

When I was 11 1/2 yrs old,my mom got pregnant. Back then,of course,no one found out the sex of the baby until it was born.

Mom and Dad wanted a boy. Nana and I prayed for a girl. I told Mom if she had a girl,I would love the baby forever. I would TRY to love the baby if it was a boy.

Mom knitted and crocheted blue EVERYTHING. I bought everything I could find in PINK.

Luckily,I got my wish. Of course Mom and Dad were thrilled with their healthy baby and I was on cloud nine to have a sister.

My sister,Kara,is 31 years old and she is getting married in 4 months.My mom knows there will be a lot of crying on my part because I have always thought of Kara as my first baby.

I know people think that 11 years is a huge gap between children. It was the perfect age difference for my family!! No fighting...just lots of love.

Good luck to all of you!


I am envious beyond all description of anyone so fertile they can plan to have a baby and then have one! Kids are amazingly adaptable. Too bad it wears off when you grow up.

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