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May 12, 2006



I love your post. I share some of your anxieties about my child being "exotic" but in the end it's about how happy they are with themselves. "Exotic" is such a relative thing, and it can be thought or as positive or negative and treated as such. I just hope my little girl is always as happy with herself as I am with her.


You are a super mother! I wish my boys could speak more than one language. I wish it but have never made sure it is happening. Happy Mother's day and don't worry. Children are amazing and help us all grow too

Robin P

When I was buying baby furniture for Lillianna's arrival 8 1/2 yrs ago,the woman in the store was making chit-chat with me as she wrote up my order. Noticing my Italian last name,she said,"Will the baby be christened?" I said,"No. We're Jewish."
She said,"Well,your last name is Piccini!" I said,"Yes it is and I am Jewish."
She asked,"What religion is your husband?" I said,"He was raised Catholic and Baptist."
She looked horrified and asked,"What will your child be??" I smiled and said,"Happy!!"
She stopped talking to me after that.

My point is that people are judged in many ways all the time. I have told Lillianna that she has to look at a person's heart,not skin color,height,hair color...etc. Her friends are quite a collection and they are all very loyal to one another.

One of her closest school friends,Hannah,has a lisp and has trouble reading. Lillianna sits with her sometimes and helps her read some of the more difficult books. Hannah is great at gymnastics and she helps Lillianna with this.

None of her friends are "the same." They are all different from her and from each other,yet,they are all kind and loving. She always looks for friends with a kind heart.

Your daughter will do just fine. With her personality,she will draw kind and loving friends to her. If we all looked the same,it would be a very boring world.

I hope you'll write a follow up post after a few months.


I just read some of your blogs and would like to say that this is the first Mother's Day that I will spend without my Mom. Mom passed in July and I hurt as much today as I did the day she left us. Reading your post made me miss her so much and remembered all the Mother things she did for us all through the years, and I just wanted to say
Happy Mothers Day, Mom and to all the mothers out there, cherish every minute you have with your children and know that they love you very much.


What a sweet post. I think this kind of anxiety is something all mothers feel on behalf of their children as their babies leap from the nest, no matter the color of their hair and eyes. A well written and thoughtful post.


I worried and was frantic when it was time for my daughter to go to preschool. I almost didn't send her, now its almost time to think about my son starting and when I see how much my daughter benefitted, I have no reservations about sending him. It will be a great experience for your daughter, I'm sure she will love it!


Your daughter sounds wonderful. You should feel very lucky to have the chance to experience all of these wonderful 1st's with her. Some of us arent so lucky to be able to do that. She will feel different but every child will feel the same way until they find their identity and that wont happen for a long time.


Your daughter sounds like an amazing little girl. I'm sure she'll do great in school!
I'm talking to another one of the Dot Moms right now about my son as well. My son is having eye surgery on the 23rd because his left eyelid will not open (his eyelid muscle didn't fully develop). I worry about how this will affect him socially, not only with looks but what he will be able to do after the surgery. He's only 4 months old so I'm thinking way in the future as far as school, but he is in daycare now and I wonder how the other kids are going to treat him when he gets older.
The thing to remember though is that kids are amazing little people with a huge capacity to love and care for other people, except that adults seem to corrupt that innocence because we are so judgemental of everyone. I myself have scoliosis and hope to be able to teach my son that it's really ok to be different and if everyone was the same, the world would be a very dull place. I would love for my son to meet another child that knew multiple languages. There are so many ethnicities, cultures, and languages mixed together throughout the world I think it would do us all good to be better able to communicate.
If your daughter has a hard time with people understanding her, suggest that she teach them some of her language. That will make her feel like she has something special that she can share with the other children and they would be better for her efforts as well.

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