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May 19, 2006


Robin P

I got that email too. Rich and Lillianna said,"NO!!!!DON'T DO IT!!" I never would. I like my family the way it is. I don't want to change anything. Our family works for us.

I don't want to deal with someone else's crazy family. That's their problem!!

We do enjoy wathing Wife Swap together as a family. Rich always tells me he loves me and Lillianna snuggles up to me and says,"That mom is horrible. You're the best mommy ever!!" See? That show is good for something.

so,to answer your question,I wouldn't go on t.v. even for a million dollars!!


To be honest...I could use $20,000 right now. Our house needs a roof and a furnace and I'd like to go back to college. What's an hour of embarrassment for that? I've done worse. A lot worse. But we won't go into that! :)


I'd do it for the money, as long as the hubby was willing too. It depends on what was involved, though. I don't think I could do the wifeswap thing where I'd have to leave my toddler for an extended time, but maybe with older kids.
A hubby swap might work better! What bothers me about these shows is how much implicit mom blaming there seems to be as well as the neverending assumption that the household revolves around mom. It's a little much.
I do like the nanny shows though, even though it makes American families look like idiots for never being able to figure out the proper way to administer a time-out. (Wait, one more time? How does it go?!)

Beast Mom

So funny. Wife Swap contacted me too about the same thing. Wanted me and my family to consider going on the show for $20,000. The money is definitely tempting, but not enough for me to put my family through that. I told some of my blog readers/relatives about it and I had SO many emails from them saying, NO! NO! NO! Do NOT do this!

See, I don't watch any tv b/c tv is a total waste of my time, so I had never seen the show and asked for some feedback. Boy did I ever get feedback! The woman who contacted me was extremely professional and nice, so I did my best to explain tactfully why I was declining. She was very gracious. I thought i was so funny and ironic that I was contacted, me who hasn't watched TV regularly since 1996. I am probably the only person of my generation who can claim that. Until tv programming gets better, I refuse to give my precious time to it.
My 2 cents. Good post!

-Beast Mom

Lil' Liberal

Hm. If someone really need the money, I can see why $20K would be very tempting. It can pay off some debt. It can buy a new car. It can buy you a new house in some parts of the country. It's more than many American families earn in a year. If someone's out of work, or going through a bad period, or their kids need braces that they can't afford, it just seems like easy money.

And how much of it is real, how much of it is people acting to get a paycheck?

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