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June 20, 2006



How I miss those days! I enjoyed reading this very much. The other day my 9 year old and I went out and she sported her shiny blue bike gloves (you know, the fingerless kind?) with her cargo shorts and t-shirt (from a relative's vacation). Her feet were geared to go in flame print sneakers and at the store she picked out these ginormous gold sunglasses because they had a rhinestone studded cat in the middle. I told her she looked "creative." In my red/white striped shirt and black capris, I was told I looked "like a pirate."


I just came from a trip listening to my childless brother and sister-in-law complain about how parents were raising their children today. Two days into the trip they found out they were expecting their first child. I have never laughed so hard. I can't wait until their little willful child pops out!

Mommy off the Record

What a cute post!

The sad thing is that sometimes my son has his clothes on backwards when WE dress him...mornings are hectic sometimes, ya know?


Quinlan is adorable! It's hard to imagine such a teeny little person dressing themselves. My boys were always completely uninterested in clothes and would wear whatever I put on them with no complaint.

I'm guessing my daughter will be another story.


Oh, what a great story! Frustrated fashion mom finds redemption in the produce aisle.

Q couldn't look less cute if she were wearing a Red Sox outfit. Okay, maybe a Red Sox outfit.


I am totally learning that lesson right now. My daughter wants to be a ballerina. So, even if i convince her to wear real clothes, she has to put her tutu over top. Ah, good times!


Great story. I wrote a post about this once. My daughter doesn't dress herself so much yet but she does have very specific preferences when it comes time to get dressed. A lot of the time though her mismatched outfits are my fault because mommy forgets to do the laundry and grabs whatever is clean!


Q looks adorable! I wish I could tell you it gets better, but my four and half year old only seems to be getting worse (though she figured out the right feet pretty quickly). They should market stickers proclaiming "I dressed myself!" to all mothers of preschoolers.

Heather B .

Folks, my kid is 5 and STILL changes like a fashion plate several times a day! She does most of the time ask me to tell her if it doesn't match, though. Now, my 3 yr old- he will go back to the laundry to put on the very same clothes that he wore 5 days ago, then 4, then 3, then 2, and yesterday. I try to hide them, but he always finds them and manages to put them back on. It's not that they really are particular favorites, mind you. It could be any outfit he wore the other day that he's decided he wants to revisit multiple times over. I do NOT let him in public in the dirty duds, though!

Jenn C

That's funny. I was very prepared for the insanity of childhood outfits, but my daughter has always been concerned that she look "beautiful" and almost always asks me for advice about what she should wear, and which shoes should go with it, and so on. (Of course, that doesn't stop her from having som truly remarkable outfits when it's Daddy's turn to get her dressed.)


This morning I actually told Eva that we do not wear brown flip flops with black pants... then, I shut my big mouth.

Your daughter is darling!


Yes, my daughter's been doing this almost two years - she's three and a half. Some of the outfits are hillarious! We do have some rules to keep her from freezing, etc. - but it was her first big show of independence.


My two year old does the same thing. I've set down 2 rules - 1, it has to be appropriate for the weather - no winter coats here in 90 degree 80% humidity DC summer, and 2, she can't change her clothes 20 times a day. Though watch it with the shoes on backwards - Sunny learned the hard way that when you run and your shoes are on the wrong feet, it can make you fall down with disastrous consequenses. I just tell her "Switch your shoes" and she does it herself. Q is adorable, and obviously very proud of herself.


Yep, I remember being silently scornful of those parents whose kids looked like a train wreck. But little did I understand then about picking battles, and how proud the kids can be when they figure out how to choose an outfit and dress themselves. There's bigger fish to fry.


K, she looks so much like a little girl I knew back east (daughter of a former co-worker). So beautiful.

Picking the battles - very key. I decided to ignore the hideous combos and insist that she only wear ONE outfit each day. I am not her personal laundress, and life is not a fashion show.

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