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June 07, 2006



You're so lucky to have 3 daughters! Everyone says daughters are closer to their parents than boys and we are the testament to that "myth".

All 3 of us girls call/email our Mom every single day. As for the other 2 brothers, who knows where they are most of the time.

At least I have my girl after having two older boys. ;-)


My baby towers over me now, he is 5'10" and I like to remind him occasionally how much he hated the stroller and how I carried him everywhere for an entire year. When he really needs to be put in his place I ask "Shall I remind you how long you breast fed for?" and he shapes up real fast.

Looking at my kid and realizing how much he is a person that I really like, even if I wasn't his Mom, can bring me right to my knees. Nothing is better than this.


Wonderful! I love looking back and seeing how much positive progress we've made.

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