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June 30, 2006


Lashon Condray

Well, kids tend to be anxious when they're unfamiliar with the environment or with what's happening around them. Explaining to them the procedures in terms they'd understand would be of great help. Demonstrate the procedure to them so they would have a better grasp of the concept. Good thing he finally succeeded with the dental appointment. That's all because of your patience and effort. Goodluck on future visits.

Fred Collinsworth

When you bring your children to the dentist for the first time, it can sometimes end in a disaster. Educating them about the importance of dental care in an entertaining way can help ease their fears of the dentist.

Williams Schermer

Good thing the dental visit of your son ended well. My nephew is also scared of them because his friends told him some scary stuff which weren't true at all. Since I go to dental check-ups lately, I make sure he comes with me so he would feel at ease with the dentist.

Edmund Falkner

This is a great tip for parents whose children are also scared of the dentist. My son also cried during his first dental check-up. So the day before our next visit, we read a dental storybook about how dentists work on our teeth. After the visit, he was all smiles and excited for another check-up with the dentist.

Katia Craig

Michelle, it's good thing that your son realized the importance of having clean teeth. That's a start for him to enjoy keeping his teeth healthy. Hmm, you can probably help him learn more about oral hygiene by researching the net and sending him to his dentist so that his oral health will be on the groove. Congrats to him and to you for a job well done! :)

Timothy McLaney

I did the same things as you did, Michelle. I took my two-year-old daughter with me when I visited my dentist in North Charleston. I let her watch how my dentist did the routine teeth cleaning. Maybe it's just me but I believe that most dental traumas came from our experiences in the chair when we were still kids.


Jill, I would LOVE to have a dentist like that. I think my son would really love it. Haven't found such a thing in our area yet.

Abogada--good luck with the fillings!


My daughter had her first visit at around 18 months with a pediatric dentist. The hard part for us was finding one who was supportive of breast feeding after a year, but we finally did. Even though we got a tour, he saw my daughter in a small side room. She sat on her dad's lap, facing him, and leaned back onto the dentist's lap (his and my husband's knees were touching). It worked out well.

We've done that twice now, and she's OK with it. Unfortunately, we need to have some cavities filled next time. She'll get a valium cocktail and possibly NO2. That's scheduled for 7/10, and I'm dreading that.

Jill Asher

So first, I am the biggest wimp and a terrible role model for going to the dentist. My husband has to make my appointment and ensure that I go... I am awful.

I do take my daughters to a pediatric dentist, and they are incredible! They have movies playing on the ceiling and the children wear a headset, so they don't hear the drilling noise - which is terribly scarey! They also get to pick up a movie, so they are watching something they like.

I believe that most pediatric dentist's do this - or maybe just here in northern california. But it is brilliant!

My daughters (age 4 and 6) think they are going to movie when they go to the Dentist.

Good luck....
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