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June 21, 2006



I've got two boys - 5 and 3 years old. They are both climbers. They have been ever since they were tiny. Basically, if they see something that can be climbed, they have to climb it. They constantly scale jungle gyms from the outside up (no stairs - that would be too easy). What do I say? Be careful. I used to tell them not to do it but after 1000 times, I've given up. I just make sure that they are safe (as safe as they can be in the situation). I watch them the first time and warn them about possible things that could cause them to loose their balance and fall. I tell them where to hold on and where to put their feet. Of course, I tell them to be careful. I would prefer them not to scale everything in sight but I know it will be pointless battle. Funny thing is I used to climb and jump from very high places... so maybe, its my fault. They got their climbing inclinations from me.

Margie Ruckle

my son (2 3/4 yrs) has been climbing since birth. Literally. At first it was on me, or whoever held him, now he's climbing the back of furniture and the OUTSIDE of the staircase. I gave up telling him not to, and started telling him to be careful so he doesn't fall. Don't get me wrong, I watch him, especially if it's on something new (for the first time), but if I know he can, because he's done it safely before, I just make sure I'm nearby, and hope and pray he won't fall. I haven't had the doorway experience, but i would GLADLY trade that for the outside of the stairway any day!! As for battles, as long as it's not seriously endangering his life (or the lives of others), or inappropriate behavior (ex "bad words", booger picking, etc.) I pretty much let it go. When it does get to a battle, I tell him "you can't do that when you go to school." If that one don't work I try "well, I guess you can't go to school yet"; one of the two usually works


Thanks for the reminder to pick my battles. This blog came at a time I really needed it. I am completely frazzled today and have been for the last week. I am a first time mom to a 20 month old girl that has already reached the terrible twos and my husband has been working 13 hour days this week with no days off. No rest when you are a mommy I guess!!!!


Tired mummy syndrome, at least that's what I call it! My tiredness factor dictates which battles I take on for the day... bad parenting? oh well...


I can absolutely relate. My son will climb anything in his path. He too does the doorway climb, initially I too told him to stop. But he seems to enjoy it so much and he has NEVER fallen. I've decided it's a good way to help him build his abilities.

Gette Jones

The battle depends on the day, and if its a matter of safety, common sense, good manners, or just ticking me off.


Given that I did this myself when younger, I can't very well tell my kids they can't, can I? Maybe I'll try it again :-)


Even after only 20mo, I've realized that I've got a very physical, very active little girl on my hands. So I'm sure that door-climbing will come in time, and I'm sure I'll just look on and laugh. For now, I've given up on stopping her from climbing in and out of her high chair--though I do try and make sure that the chair isn't too close to other--taller--furniture.


Keeping the playroom picked up is the battle I gave up after child #2 arrived. I figure it's upstairs, I don't have to look at it, and if they can't find their favorite toys because of the pit they call a playroom, well that's their problem. Perhaps in a couple of years we'll gut it and start over with maybe a...media room...hmmm

Michelle O'Neil

I ALWAYS let my kids do stuff like that. I have a child with developmental delays and I would be thrilled if she could climb the door frame! For now I have to settle for scaling the couch from behind and diving onto the cusions and a lot of bed jumping. The in-laws frown, but I don't care. Wreck my house! Fly!


I'd let them climb - esp #2 and #3 after learning a lesson or two from my first... Which battles have I given up on - hmmm - food - I put it on their plate but I don't force them to eat it and I may even make them a peanut butter sandwich instead, noise - they can pretty much make as much noise as they want most of the time, w/the boys now when one says "he hit me" I give in to my urge and say "well - hit him back" - bad mommy... I'm sure there are more.


in the greater scheme of things, we've let this one go. the first two have destroyed drywall (d1 climbing, s1 wrestling), so doorframes are ok.


With my 12 yo stongwilled child I have given up many battles - eating food in a certain order, ie dessert and main course, clothes and food in general. My older daughter did not require as much reliquishing.

And yes, I would let her climb the doorway as long as she cleaned up the foot prints because it looks fun.

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