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June 08, 2006



We live just outside NYC, and are frequent visitors. My son was 5 when it happened. We talked to him about it a bit, and I thought he was processing it ok. About 1 month after, he was sitting watching his baby sister sleeping (age 1) and said to me "Do you think we can take B. back to NYC - after they finish rebuilding it?" Turns out, in his 5 year old mind, the whole city was gone. Needless to say, we made a visit to the city within the week. But it really does show how complex and wonderful and unusual and brilliant their little minds are.


Incredible post Rachel. My husband and I lived on Jones St near West 4th in the West Village. The morning of the attacks, we saw the burning buildings in person looking south down 6th Ave. Later he also saw the first building melt and it had a lasting impression on him.

Thank goodness for the resiliancy and innocence of children that let's them process horrors yet still be protected from them.


I have to agree... powerful post. What is so amazing to me is a child's ability to be both fearful and remain fearless. It's a crazy dichotomous state I often wish I could regress back to. On a lighter note - you are lucky to have a child with such an "open minded" palate!

amy h.

Wow...beautiful. It's amazing how much my son knows that I didn't...and didn't want him too until much, much later. I think you are right to tell the truth when he asks - and to focus on the things that are intended to keep him safe. Mmmmm - maybe it's a sushi night :)


What a powerful post. We lived outside of NYC at the time of the attacks, and I worked in midtown. My son was in 2nd grade upstate, and it was a defining time in his life in terms of the brutal truth of things crashing in.

He brought handmade sushi rolls for lunch his first day of kindergarten.

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