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June 23, 2006



I'm late to the commenting - finally getting around to it - but wanted to tell you that I adore this post!


This is one of the episodes of parenthood I fear the most...
Great post. I hope it's all nothing but a memory for you now.

Robin P

OY! What a nightmare!! Now my head is itching!!! I hate when that happens.
There have been outbreaks of lice in Lillianna's class several times but luckily she hasn't gotten it,(knock on wood.)

When I was 22 and living on a kibbutz in Israel,I worked in the childrens houses. I had a house of eight two-year-olds. The rule was,if your child had lice,you had to tell the house so we would be aware and could protect the other kids.

There was nothing more disgusting than when we'd have 4 kids each in these huge bath tubs and we'd be washing the kids' hair and we'd find dead eggs!!

That meant the mom was secretly treating the child at home but didn't tell the house. It was just gross.

One of the women I worked with had a visitor from her son's children house one day. They babbled in Hebrew and I asked for a translation. She said her son had things crawling in his head....AGAIN! I was creeped out.

My friend,Karen, and I hung out at her house all the time so I tried desperately to find Karen to tell her not to go to Pnina's house because of the lice. I couldn't find her anywhere. Finally,after dinner I spotted her and told her. She had just spent the whole afternoon at Pnina's playing with her son and Pnina never said a word. Karen's head was covered in lice. She was hysterical and totally pissed off.

At least if someone has lice,they should be kind enough to mention it before they infest the world!!!

I dread Lillianna coming home with lice. I pray it never happens! I'll probably faint...or call the lice lady. Did you know there is a woman who comes to your home to delouse your child???? YUCK!


When one of my LONG HAIRED daughters came home with it, we went through nearly the exact same routine, me frazzeled to the bone from all the stripping, vacuuming, combing and spraying....treating me and 3 other long haired girls, and my son...
Only to have another outbreak 2 weeks later.... and repeat the cycle....
only to find another one 10 days later.
I nearly died.
I am a neat freak and couldn't understand where the little buggers were hiding.
Our cure?
PERMS for all the girls... and a comb of perm solution through the boy hair.
That and Homeschool!
About a year later, someone brought their daughter over KNOWING she had lice, but "forgot" to let us know. When I heard the message on the answering machine... I was a woman posessed...
DH asked me what the big deal was and I shouted many unintelligable words, with drastic hand gestures.
He didn't ask again.
Oy vey.
My sympathies.


Thanks for making my head itch! HA We've experienced this a couple of times... on of my friends made me feel better when she told me she remembered having lice as a child...


Been there, done that, and have the t-shirt to prove it. Nothing was funnier then arriving home to find my 4 yaer-old on the front porch in Dad's huge t-shirt telling me "Be careful - we got the bug."


oh man, you are so right, and this applies to many things in motherhood. 3 am throw ups, gross, messy diapers, non-stop talking, bizarre (random?) behavior. I guess it is what unconditional means. or else the definition of a mother's love.


Ack! I haven't had to deal with that one yet, but remember my aunt washing my cousins hair with Quell back in the day, so many times that most of her hair fell out! Gawd.

Hope it doesn't spread and ends quickly!


Great essay! I'm so sorry this happened. Ugh. I'm sure my day will come. Hmm, maybe I should look into homeschooling ....


I have SOO been there!!! And a warning, sometimes the over the counter shampoo stuff doesn't work because todays lice have gotten immune to it. What ended up working for us was slathering Vaseline all over his head and letting him sleep (on a towel) with it in his hair all night. Then washing it a few times with dish washing liquid. His hair was greasy for a while but a)the Vaseline suffocated AND breaks up the glue of the nits. b) lice can not form nits in greasy hair.

Good luck getting rid of them!!! I know that icky feeling all too well

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