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June 12, 2006



Ladies! Ladies! What's all this talk of showering once a week?

Here's a trick to try. Turn on your shower such that a little water trickles out of the bathtub spout and most comes out of the shower head (in my shower/tub, the water coming out of the spout is cooler). Put your 2 year old and 2 cups right in front of the bath spout and hop in the shower. Little kids simply can't resist the temptation to fill up the cups and pour water back and forth. They won't be remotely interested in what you're doing.

Washing your hair is a bit more difficult, but can be done. Once your toddler knows the routine and is excited to take showers with you, you can close them in the bathroom with you while you wash your hair. They'll wait till they can join you if you hurry. If your kid is new to this or horribly dangerous in the bathroom, borrow one of their cups to pour water over your head a bit further away from your little one.

I've found that my kids were so thrilled with this arrangement that I could get out, get dressed, and dry my hair long before they got bored.

A couple of other notes.... I have a rain type shower head on a long tube that allows me more room between the front wall of the shower and where I must stand. Both of my kids were a little afraid the first few times we did this, but loved it after just a few tries.

One safety note is that you ought to have some sort of kid protector on the bath spout so your little one doesn't bonk their noggin.

Lauri Jon

Monica, Monica, Monica darling, can you say tongue-in-cheek? Congratulations on being able to take a shower each morning? It means you either have a husband who watches your 2 year old, a 2 year old who is "safe" (ha) watching him/herself, or have a child who wakes late enough for you to get up earlier.

As far as make-up goes, I ususally put on eyeliner and lipstick nearly every day, as I am in my 40s. That said however, I'd never be frumpy even without make-up, as you see, I've been blessed with beauty inside and out and don't need to wear make-up to look beautiful.

And as far as a husband "praising" a pretty girl, give me a break. A women doesn't need a husban's "praise" as motivation for looking good, for all motivations should come from within the woman if she is to be true to her own soul.

So ciao, bella, have a nice day, darling!


Why is it that moms feel the need to let themselves go???
I have a 2 year old and currently I'm pregnant with baby #2 due in a few more weeks, and no matter what, I take a shower every single day, I wear make up, and blow dry my hair... I do not wear designer clothes, but do not go out in pajamas or sweat pants either...

I'm far from the ideal of the super-mom, so I'm not doing something that should be considered as so outstanding yet I hear all these moms saying they don't ahve time for make up or doing their hair or nails...

well, why not say you were frumpy to begin with and the kids gave you the perfect excuse???

my best friend is this kind of frumpy yet complains when her husband praises a pretty girl in the street... she welcomes him in pajamas and the messiest hair, why would he not praise other women...

Motherhood is tough, yet is not an excuse... get up earlier!


Thank goodness 'rough' hair is "IN"!!!! I never have time to blow dry my frizz!! Yeah, I am finally in style!

Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Moms Blog


Hilarious post.


I have number one down to a science... I can't seem to get rid of the dark circles!

Shelley Abreu

How about the "natural pedicure" meaning I haven't touched a fancy tool to my feet in two years. Now that I'm pregnant with # 2--I can't even reach!


Very, Very funny. Since I haven't worn makeup in years, my beauty tip is... Dewey Lips - compliments of drugstore variety lip balm. Keep on in your pockets, the car, and the diaper bag for on the go glam!

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