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June 28, 2006



My daughter is 11 and has tried the "I need a cell phone" spiel a couple of times. She can't keep up with her glasses, let alone, a cell phone. And neither can I. I can't find my cell phone most of the time, so GPS wouldn't work. I have to equip them (5 children) with tactics that are separate from technology. Spying on your kids? I wouldn't call it spying,but...kids make bad choices and even with GPS, we can't teach them anything about responsibility, trust, real friendships that isn't sometimes better learned through good ol' trial and error. Does an alarm go off when we walk into a bar after work instead of taking our butts home? or what about when you should be in bed at 10 p.m. but stay up late to watch a movie? We don't get a 'Time to go to Bed' alarm. And where are we exactly that we don't know where are kids are or who they are with? And God forbid, they grow up and can't afford a cell phone bill, will they know to take 50 cents, a buck in change or some pepper spray if we don't prepare them for the slight chance that their gadgets won't be available?


I don't like the idea of children with cell phones really. They do have those ones where the parents program in the numbers that the child can call, those are cool. I am not sure how I feel about GPS on my kids, I think it's good to know where your child is, but it's also good for them to know you trust them to be there when they say they are. It teaches accountability, and honesty. If a child knows he can't lie just because his parents are spying, what does that teach him? Not how to be honest, but that you don't trust him to do what he says he'll do. I just don't know....

Robin P

I have read about this before and I like the idea. It's my job to infringe on Lillianna's privacy.... I'm trying to keep her safe.

When I was 17 and driving,I used to leave my mom extensive notes when I would be gone for a while.

I am going to the mall with Elissa. It is now 3:00pm. After the mall we will be stopping at OSCO to drop off film and then I will come straight home. I should be home by 6:00pm."

My mom never asked me to do this I just felt like if anything ever happened to me,she'd know where I had been. It never failed that when I walked in the door,she'd casually ask,"Where were you?" I'd gasped,"Didn't you read my note??????" She'd sigh and say,"Ya,I saw something.....what did it say?"

She was never worried about me because I was a "good kid" but I tried to let her know where I was and she didn't bother to read my notes.....lol.

Times have changed and parents worry more because there is so much more to worry about.

I just asked Lillianna(she's 8 1/2) how she'd feel about having this type of cell phone she said she'd be happy that I knew where she was.It wouldn't bother her at all. Smart girl!!


When my son was your kids' ages, I was 100% in the cell phones are not for kids camp. I mean, come on. What in the world does he need to be chattering on about so expensively? Now he's 9 and I'm trying to decide is this the year we'll bite the bullet and plunk down for his own phone? Their lives are so crazy with extracurricular activities and work schedules and play dates and emergencies that, before you know it, you find yourself wishing they had phones, just so you can keep track of the chaos. And the GPS is just pure bonus.

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