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July 31, 2006



I never do it. But my daughter is just under two years old -- I would never spare any of my attention out of a fear of her getting hurt or wandering off. When she's older? I hope that I will treat her the same way I like to treat adults -- I think that having a phone call when you are supposed to be interacting with someone else is just plain rude.

Darci McGrath

I have 2 older children - 15 and 12.5 - when we are together there are times when it just us and sometimes I am making call after call. Quite often it is reagarding an issue effecting them - soccer or school. I do make a point to put down the phone when they get in the car after school - this is prime connection time for us and I will not have it for too much longer. Use it when you got it...


With my kid I work very hard to make sure she never feels like I'm ignoring her, Its one of hte few little things I can do to insure she has wonoderful feeling about her self. blogging, Cell phones, t.v all have there moments where it may take me a mommy or two before I turn my attention to her, but she knows its coming, ASAP. besides there isn't much via a cell phone I want to hear more than my kid anyway.

Mama of 2

Hey Robin,
You and I must be on the same wavelength. Go check out the post on my site titled "Heaven forbid...what on earth did people do before the invention of the cell phone"

You can certainly get my take on it all there.

Maria P.

I see both sides of this issue. I have to be on my phone a lot for work but whenever possible I try to let my calls go to message and return calls during the set times I've listed on my voicemail. Obviously some calls just cannot be missed though.

I am guilty of ignoring my kids for a few minutes to finish up a call with a friend I haven't spoken to in awhile and of course for an important business call.

When I hang up my phone though, I turn my attention completely towards my kids and focus on them as long as I can until my phone rings again.

My business is one where I have to be in contact with people constantly. My kids are learning how to talk to me at the appropriate times unless it is an emergency and sometimes even get to chat on the phone with my clients that know and love them too.

I think that having a person there with me at the park is more distracting than a phone. Although no one looks at me weird if I am chatting it up with another mom there at the park - I find that I pay even less attention to my kids then.

I try to meet my kids attention needs but I have social needs as well and I expect my children to learn that they need not be the center of attention at all times. Life doesn't work that way. :)


You know the un-answered "mommy, mommy" cries for a child annoys me to no end!

My son talks non -stop sometimes, and I think its possibly because I always listen to him... sometimes I blame myself for the non-stop chatting! But i am glad that he knows I am going to listen to him... and on the rear occasion that I don't, he reminds me... "mommy, you have to Listen to me!"

As parents, we all need to pay attention to what kids are telling us, and encouage them to talk to us from even a young age so they grow up knowing that we listen!


I'm so glad I'm not the only one annoyed by the cell phones during "play time"!

I will confess, I do take my cell phone with me during our stroller walks and often get family business - booking doctor's appointments, arguing with the bank, etc. - accomplished while I walk with the stroller. As the mother of a 13-month-old, I know that time's coming to an end, and she'll be wanting to chat while we walk. But once we hit the park/zoo/pool/whatever, the phone's down and we're together, playing. Because that's my job! Interacting with her! And believe me, it's a great job.

My heart breaks for all the kids swinging next to my daughter in the infant bucket swings, caregivers - both hired and biological - pushing the baby every tenth swing while chatting away on the cell phone or even reading the paper! The children make no attempt to interact with the adult, having long ago learned the futility of that.

So thanks for speaking up. Who knows, if adults put the cell phones down, maybe they'll be able interact with not just their kids, but the other caregivers around them!

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