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July 14, 2006



I don't handle the crying kid scenario very well. Of course, mine is only 2½ so they ARE full-blown tantrums at this point, pretty much every day. I was hoping it got better. :)


So, I can look forward to more of this? At 15 months, I figured AJ would have less to cry about as he realized Mommy would always come back in the room after I said "I'll be right back" or that the world wouldn't come to an end just because the bowl ran out of mac'n'cheese.


My daughter is a crier too. Then again..my family calls her "little Amy" and says what comes around goes around. *sigh* I was SO bad in high school too....:(


Wait - is Zoe a Sagittarius? I'm laying down five bucks.

Melissa B.

Oh my god, Brett is 10 and still cries every day.

In fact, he cries, "Daniel is taking away my freeee willllll!"

The crying just gets more sophisticated, but it's still crying.


My little one cries all the time too. I have tried everything from bribery, sweet talking and understanding, to time outs for crying. It’s so frustrating. Nothing makes her stop crying over the most trivial stuff, at least 10 times a day. I don’t know what to do. Maybe it’s just her personality.

My other daughter, on the other hand, only cries when she is hurt- maybe once a week.


Kenzie has never been a real "crier" but Garrett use to have melt downs over the slightest infraction or change. It nearly drove me OVER THE EDGE. Yet, after third grade, he had one teacher that made a difference not only in his schooling but his belief in himself and how he handled things. Now, the melt downs are far less!

And for the record, I don't miss them!


NOOOOOOOO, don't tell me that! My 26-month-old has finally stopped crying on a daily basis and to think this happy-go-lucky attitude could only be a phase?

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