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July 19, 2006



I'm so glad I'm not the only one that falls behind in this competition! A vigilant as I try to be, my 13-month-old seems to trip and fall on the hard concrete right as we walk past daddy, who gives me that look (or so I imagine) that says, "What are you doing, woman, that you can't even protect your own child two feet away? This would never happen on my watch." He sees a scrape or bump on her and has to restrain himself lest he give me the third degree just to assure himself that I was, indeed, sober and watching our child.

As you can see, I'm a bit defensive about the majority of her mishaps happening on my watch; but then again, like you, my watch is 80% of the time! So I, too, am gleeful when he's at bat with her while I get dinner ready and she falls and starts crying. He looks at me shamefacedly, and I'm able to reply magnanimously (while smirking on the inside!): "It's ok, honey, it happens to all of us."


I figured since I went through 15 hours of labor and 21 months of breastfeeding, I could at least get a 0 out of it.

Not such a bad trade off, considering.

Latte Man

How did this get you back to zero? ;)


I am way ahead of my wife when it comes to "The Score".

But in all fairness, I was not pregnant with each child and I did not breast feed them.

Her Bad Mother

Husband here got up some points by cleaning up the tub dump. But that still didn't catch him up. I'm breastfeeding. In blistering heat. And don't get me started on pregnancy and labor...


I don't know what my score is, but two mornings ago my 11 month old woke me with squeals of delight. When I went into his room I was greeted with a dirty diaper on the floor, poop all over the bed and him...including his face, hair and hands, not to mention the tiny poopy footprints scattered all over his crib sheet. What a mess, but the glee on his face was priceless!

melissa b.

Love that face on Q.

And, congratulations!


I'm with Joy - start setting him up. A full sippy cup with the cap "loose" should be good for a point or two. We won't tell.


hmmm. i seriously think you could begin to engineer this business. i suggest some well positioned play doh or glitter pens when you happen to know daddy is in charge. and a blank piece of wall. yup.

Sunshine Scribe

Ahh that must have felt damn good. Well done!!


hey, How'd you get back to zero? Haha.


Hey, how's you get back to 0?


What a great story!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

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