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July 20, 2006


Robin P

At the end of the school year,Lillianna's 2nd grade class had to do a project. Everyone chose their own sea creature poster to make with 10 facts about the creature. It was for Ocean Fest which is a day that the parents spend in school with the kids.

Rich,who is an artist,taught Lillianna how to draw a manatee. She practiced for days on different papers until she had it just right. Then he taught her to paint it. She did the project herself. He did not touch the final painting at all. She chose the facts and wrote those in herself!

At Ocean Fest,we could see which parents did the project,helped with the project or if the child did it alone. It was soooooo obvious!

One boy admitted that his mom's boyfriend did his project. What's the point of that?


I had to comment and agree with the PTA's recommendation of open lines of communication. In recent years grade level expectations have been changed and the benchmark testing now in place has changed too. With these changes has come publication of new textbooks. Many of these textbooks are still in the devepoment stage. I have become accustomed to researching the books myself at the beginning of the schoolyear. It is my experience that some of these lesson plans need to be adjusted as they are implemented in the classroom. Your child's teacher will appreciate and welcome any input you give.


Wow. I guess I'm a little biased because I'm a teacher. I think you have to look at the whole system before people start pointing fingers at TOO much homework and not enough skills. But instead of getting into a pissing match about public education and the teachers and homework...I'll instead tell you that homework line crossing is typical and normal. My mom helped me with huge projects..sometimes typing for me (this was before the big computer age). You'll know if you've crossed the line once your child gets older....it's common sense...isn't it....

The Zero Boss

Well, if the point is for them to do it themselves, then anything short of encouragement and teaching is "over the line". On the other hand, modern schools overload our kids with homework, so I can see how more parents than ever are caving in to the temptation.

I blame the grading system. Any system that puts finished product above actual skills learned is open to such abuse.

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