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July 29, 2006



I don't know if you were a Seinfeld fan, but this kind of reminds me of the episode where Elaine was upset because Jerry had taken a phone message, telling her that one of her friends had had a baby. Except he didn't use an exclamation point! (Ex: "Cathy had a baby girl.")

She wondered; if giving birth didn't warrant an exclamation point, what DID?

Yes, indeedy... men and women are so different.


I've had that conversation with my husband - it amazes me how little info he walks away with after talking to a friend. Men are definitely different! Meanwhile, he's getting a big lesson in talking from our 3-year-old daughter. :)


Jump rope can be a contact sport. I come from a family of 7 girls and one tortured brother, and we girls did manage to break my brother's foot in a very rough game of jump rope.

Maria P

Thank you for the laugh! How right you are. Being married made me realize how different male and female are. I got a double lesson in this area when I was blessed with a son and then a daughter. All four of us are so different and in such cliche ways, with out even meaning to be.

my full hands

Your husband's conversation with his friend reminds me of every time my husband tells me he heard someone had a new baby. Of course I want to know: When? How big? How long? How's the mom? Are they home? and even Was it a boy or a girl? I guess the important thing is that they had a baby.


I, too, leaned more toward nurture in the whole nature vs. nurture debate. Until my third came out female. It's really quite remarkable just how natural some of the male vs. female behavior is.


I caught myself the other day trying to convince my 11 year old son to call his friend and ask him how his vacation went. And, why would he do that? Had he ever called him to ask him anything other than, "can you come over?"

My daughter wouldn't need to be told to call and check on a friend. Even my 4 year old daughter!


Great post! And how nice that you now have a girl to get all the details of life from!


It is so true. Boys and girls are just different....and that's OK!!

amy h.

Having a boy and a girl myself I know that you speak the truth. My kids are completely different - the things they enjoy, the way they interact with other children, the way they interact with me. My daughter meets children and talks with them. My son meets children and yells or makes silly sounds or runs around like crazy with them. It was actually a big relief to acknowledge that this isn't really about me or what I'm doing. They are just the way that they are - different. Nice post!

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